Romain Grosjean: his children, still traumatized since his accident: Current Woman The MAG

It will take time for Romain Grosjean's children to recover from the accident which almost cost him his life. This terrible event dates back to Sunday, November 29, 2020. While competing in the Bahrain Grand Prix, the pilot of Formula 1 had hit a safety rail. Trapped in his flaming vehicle, he had finally managed to extricate himself after 28 seconds. Almost two months after this violent accident, the Franco-Swiss engaged in the columns of The team. For her children, the trauma is still there. "For children, it's more complicated. My five year old son wakes up at night thinking the house is on fire ", revealed the 34-year-old miracle. As for his eldest, Sacha, he gave him ideas for professional retraining. "The big one suggested that I change sport to play tennis, as we frequent Gaël Monfils, who is a neighbor, or to become an artist ", added the racing driver.

If Romain Grosjean is alive, it's partly thanks to his children, which gave him the strength to pull through. This is indeed what the husband of Marion Jollès had confided in an interview with C to You, sure France 5, Thursday, December 10, 2020. While his Haas caught fire, he had thought very hard about his sons, Simon, Sacha and his daughter, Camille. "I remember the whole episode. I didn't lose consciousness, which is a miracle in and of itself", he underlined before continuing: "At one point I thought I couldn't do it and it was over, then I found a last breath thinking hard of my children and telling me that it couldn't stop like that now in Bahrain. And the moment my shoulders went through and I felt I got out of the car it was a bit of deliverance. A very strong testimony.

"A magic shield that protected me"

Two days after his accident, Romain Grosjean had made some confidences about his children, with LCI and TF1. He then unveiled what his second son Sacha had slipped him to give it back strength: "That I had magical power, a shield of magical love that protected me. The youngest one drew me a picture. " A united family, of which he can be proud.

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