Ronja Forcher in GLOSSIP: Beauty Insights with Ronja Forcher

GLOSSIP – the GALA Beauty Podcast
Beauty insights with Ronja Forcher

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In GLOSSIP – the GALA Beauty Podcast – we take you into an even more beautiful world. In the current season GLOSSIP, Ronja Forcher is guest at Lara Golombek. In the third episode, she talks about her beauty and care routine.

Ronja Forcher, 25, may be known to most for her role as Lilli Gruber in the ZDF television series “Der Bergdoktor”. Born in Innsbruck, she has been acting for 20 years, making her debut in the KIKA series “Beutolomäus”. But Forcher also looks good on the theater stage and in the music scene. Her debut single “Danke” was released in March 2021.

Episode 3: Beauty Insights with Ronja Forcher

The search for the ideal beauty products pursues every one of us. Of course, it is easier for those who apply make-up or are made-up from an early age. So also actress Ronja Forcher, who was in the mask at a young age. Even if she prefers to go without make-up in her private life, today she knows what is essential for her care and beauty routine. She has been battling acne for several years and now knows that “imperfections on the skin always have something to do with imperfections inside”. In the new episode GLOSSIP, she reveals more tips against problem skin and why the Austrian swears by argan oil.

Episode 2: Ronja Forcher: The 1×1 for more self-love

In the second episode, GLOSSIP, Ronja Forcher shares her views on the subject of “self-love”. Anyone who expects empty phrases and pseudo-motivation is wrong. “I’ve stopped fighting myself,” she says to GALA editor Lara. In the past she often had to struggle with the cliché of the sweet, little Tyrolean woman. She put an end to this in 2017: an act of emancipation was Ronja Forcher’s decision to pose naked for Playboy. To what extent this has shaped her as a person and for the topic of self-love, you can hear in the new episode GLOSSIP.

Episode 1: A life in front of the camera

Ronja Forcher and Hans Sigl 2009 in "The mountain doctor"

Ronja Forcher and Hans Sigl 2009 in “Der Bergdoktor”

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All eyes are on her when she plays Lilli Gruber in the ZDF television series “Der Bergdoktor”: Actress Ronja Forcher is used to a life in front of the camera. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this for the Austrian? One thing is certain: You can’t hide! What is it like to share everything with the public – and is there any time for a private life at all? Recently, however, the 25-year-old has not only been standing in front of the film camera, but also in front of the microphone – you can find out how she got into music and what she would do away from the limelight in the new GLOSSIP episode.

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