Root Letter: the Japanese visual novel makes its trailer in film

But no matter, we especially remember that a modest visual novel taking place in the Japanese countryside finds itself in a rather improbable way adapted to the cinema by the United States. So don’t look for the landscapes of Shimane Prefecture or even the silhouette of Aya Fumino in this trailer, whose action has been moved to another rural corner on the other side of the Pacific.

If Max becomes Carlos and Aya is called Sarah here, the subject remains however similar to the story that made the success of the visual novel (more than 500,000 sales). Namely that a young man sets off in search of his correspondent, who disappeared after leaving a message saying that she would have killed someone. Carlos then meets the young girl’s former comrades, who all seem to have things to hide regarding their relationship with the missing woman.

Produced by Ammo Entertainment and not Akatsuki Entertainment USA as originally announced, the Sonja O’Hara-directed film will premiere in select theaters on September 1 and will also be available on demand on select platforms. The main actors include Danny Ramirez (Top Gun: Maverick), Keana Marie (Dash & Lily), Mark St. Cyr (High School Musical) and Lydia Hearst (Z Nation).

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