Roots discovered – MG brings Roadster: That’s how strong the Cyberster is!

MG produces roadsters again. The traditional British brand, which has belonged to the Chinese SAIC Group since 2005, unveiled the Cyberster at Auto Shanghai, which is expected to be launched in Europe in summer 2024.

With the purely electric sports car, the brand is returning to the vehicle category for which it was a style-defining vehicle to mark MG’s 100th anniversary next year. The Cyberster is also intended to give a glimpse of the design future of MG Motor. However, the Cyberster has nothing to do with the light, classic roadsters. It’s big, Chinese and really heavy. Two tons, to be more precise. And extremely powerful. Two engines for the super sports car The 4.53 meter long two-seater has almost the same wheelbase as the MG4 Electric and has the characteristic roadster features with a long bonnet, low front section and classic soft top. It remains to be seen whether the eye-catching scissor doors will make it into series production. The company has not yet given any information on the drive and battery. However, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CIIT) has already published initial information. After that, the 1,985-kilogram car should have all-wheel drive and two electric motors, with the front machine developing a maximum of 150 kW/204 hp and the rear 250 kW/340 hp. Makes a total of 544 hp. The top speed is specified as 200 km/h. Fortunately, the MG Cyberster just presented has little to do with the study from two years ago, which was still quite exaggerated. The current version makes an overall coherent impression and will be an asset to the sparsely populated electric convertible market.
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