Rosamund Pike: The actress doesn't believe in "body tuning"

Rosamund Pike
The actress thinks nothing of "body tuning"

Rosamund Pike likes to show her natural side.

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Rosamund Pike does not recognize herself on some movie posters. Among other things, her breasts have already been optically enlarged.

In the case of Hollywood beauties, optical help is given every now and then. Rosamund Pike (42, "Gone Girl – The Perfect Victim") is no exception, as she reveals in a virtual appearance on the talk show by Kelly Clarkson (38, "Meaning of Life"). As an example she uses the movie poster for "Johnny English – Now more than ever!" in which she participated in 2011. Her breasts were subsequently optically enlarged. "I really have an impressive chest on the movie poster. But I don't," said Pike.

Her appearance was also changed for the film cover of "Marie Curie – Elements of Life" (2019). Her eye color is hazel brown and not blue. Pike cannot understand why people in the film industry keep relying on tools such as "body tuning" and Photoshop and is rather annoyed about it. "There are probably countless times our picture is edited and we don't even notice it. Because I think we all lose track of what we really look like."