Rose affected by cancer: how the disease made her plunge back into her addictions

This Friday, September 30, Rose was invited on the set of It starts today. On the occasion of the launch of the Pink October campaign this Saturday, the singer came to talk about her successful fight against breast cancer. A disease which, however, made her plunge back into certain addictions which she had managed to get rid of.

She thought she had overcome her addictions. On February 21, Pink had revealed on social networks to have been affected by cancer. When the successive confinements were lifted, it was not concerts that awaited me, but breast cancer“, had confided the singer, adding that “music disappeared from (his) life for a while, and a lot of things too, leaving more and more room for illness but above all for healing”. After having undergone a removal of the breast, the artist is now cured and this Friday, September 30, she agreed to confide in this difficult ordeal on the set of It starts today.

Faced with Faustine Bollaert, Rose notably returned to the day she learned that she was suffering from breast cancer, and her astonishing reaction when she was told of the disease. “I’m a little weird because I took the news as good news, in quotes, in the sense that I knew there was a trial that had to happen to help me, because I was not progressing”confided the singer, before adding: “There was something stuck inside me. I did everything to be well: I did two hours of yoga in the morning, I ate organic, I no longer ate meat. Because for me it’s all or nothing. And at some point during that time, I let it all out.”.

Rose: “I had a drink to feel good and after that it slips”

The announcement of her breast cancer thus plunged her back into certain addictions which she had nevertheless managed to get rid of after a long fight. “I went back to drinking. But I haven’t taken drugs at all, so that’s good news. But the alcohol I took a drink to be well and after that it slips”, she revealed. In addition to alcohol, Rose also confessed that she started smoking again. “I had taken up cigarettes the day they told me I had cancer. I no longer smoked. They told me I had cancer, I took a cigarette and it was over, I refused a packet a day”she said.

During her treatment, Rose explained on the set of France 2 to have been taken in hand by an institute to help her fight against her disease but also against all these “ailments“that she had to fight at the same time, in particular joint pain, sleep problems or even this smoking cessation.

Rose, a former cocaine addict

A little over a year ago, the interpreter of The list had already come to the show It starts today to confide in her past addiction to cocaine, when she had recently experienced sudden notoriety. of time. A descent into hell in hard drugs occurred because she no longer held alcohol, as she had explained. “It was a problem because I couldn’t stay late at parties and that bothered me. I had to be able to stay with everyone until the end and cocaine seemed to me like a miracle cure. It was great because we no longer vomit, we are no longer hungry, we are no longer sleepy… We are overpowered”she confided, before adding: “At the beginning, we are young so it’s fine, we have good health, there are the means that go with it. It’s not creepy, it’s rock’n’roll. We have hangovers like a lot of people but a little more severe. Afterwards, the descent is monumental.”

A terrible addiction that prevented him from managing his career and his presence in the media correctly. “Honestly, I think there were big misses. I have memories of failed shows, of times when I arrived when I hadn’t slept all night. The make-up artists couldn’t do anything at all”, she remembered. And to conclude:When you’re in that state, you don’t really understand. We are on stage, we are voiceless. I sabotaged a lot of things. I was in the destruction of everything, relationships with people… The destruction of everything that was beautiful, everything that could have been beautiful.

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