Rose May Alaba: These tips give lonely people in the corona crisis

Many people feel lonely in the current corona crisis. Singer Rose May Alaba (25) has some tips on how to make good use of your time alone. The sister of soccer star David Alaba (27) is particularly grateful for her family and friends, which she also expresses in her latest single "Oshey". What she is currently grateful for, how she is using her time in the Corona crisis and why her family cohesion is so important in the current situation, she tells in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

How are you currently designing your everyday life with limited exits?

Rose May Alaba: I do a lot of music at home, I cook and I do sports. I deal with myself a lot.

What are you particularly grateful for at the moment?

Alaba: For the people who work for us and cannot stay at home to protect themselves.

How do you experience your fellow human beings in the Corona crisis? Have you had any bad experiences?

Alaba: Thank God I didn't have a bad experience. Thank God my family and friends are fine and they are also well at home.

Perhaps the crisis will also open up new opportunities in the music industry?

Alaba: I can't say that now. The good thing is that you can work on yourself and use social media even more.

What tip do you have for people who are currently feeling lonely?

Alaba: Use the time to reflect on yourself. Now you can ask yourself the questions you always wanted to ask yourself, just never had the time. Lean back, ask yourself questions like: Who am I? Who do I want to be? Where do I see myself? I think anyway that everyone has a special reason on earth. Let your creativity flow.

Does your belief help you get through this difficult time?

Alaba: Yes, very much. I am very believing. It helps me to stay positive not only in the difficult times, but also in the good times.

Do you already know how you will celebrate Easter?

Alaba: Most likely at home and watch the sermon on Hillsong Germany on YouTube Live.

What are you most looking forward to when the crisis is over?

Alaba: On social contact.

You and your brother David lived together in a room as children. Back then did you dream of becoming a soccer star and a successful singer?

Alaba: Yes, we noticed very early on in which direction we were going. The good thing is that we have two great and attentive parents who have recognized it directly and have supported and supported us and still do so today.

Is he a role model for you as a big brother?

Alaba: Definitely. I've always loved watching David play. He’s so ambitious. I wish I had more of his ambition.

Are you still in close contact?

Alaba: Of course. Every day.

Are you watching your brother's soccer games?

Alaba: Yes. As far as it goes, I'm often at home games.

You recently gave a live concert on Instagram. What feedback did you get on it?

Alaba: Great feedback. I was told to do it weekly. There will definitely be a # stayathome concert.

In your latest song "Oshey", which means "thank you" in German, you sing about your family and friends. Why is family cohesion so important to you?

Alaba: My parents have always given priority to cohesion. I am proud of my family that we are so close. I know that I can come to them at any time, in good and bad times – and that's why I dedicate the song "Oshey" to them.

"Oshey" comes from the Yoruba language. Could you imagine publishing an entire song in this language?

Alaba: It will be difficult. I could well imagine doing a few jobs in Yoruba and the rest either in English or German or just all three languages ​​in one song.