Roselyne Bachelot affected by Covid-19: Emmanuel Macron visited her in the hospital: Femme Actuelle The MAG

Roselyne Bachelot announced Thursday March 25, 2021 that she had been placed under “enhanced oxygen therapy“, following her contamination with Covid-19. Five days earlier, Pierre Bachelot’s mother had revealed her contamination before being quickly hospitalized as a precaution. Finally, if the Minister of Culture feared the worst, she quickly got back on her feet.Monday April 12, 2021, Roselyne Bachelot returned to the Ministry of Culture, according to BFMTV. Four days earlier, Roselyne Bachelot was reassuring, suggesting that she would make a comeback very soon in the government. Glad to see you again! I regain my strength every day. My thoughts of solidarity accompany all those who suffer, as well as their loved ones. I express my deep gratitude to the nursing staff, who everywhere in France, do a remarkable job “, she wrote on Twitter, Thursday April 8, 2021.

Emmanuel Macron at his bedside

For her first interview, Roselyne Bachelot chose to answer the questions of Jean-Jacques Bourdin, on the antenna of BFMTV, Friday April 23, 2021. The opportunity for her to express the distress she felt during her hospitalization: “You know, I don’t wanna get down on my personal case at a time when we have over 100,000 people deceased in our country. But there is one point I would like to emphasize, and that is the long Covid. There are now close to two million French people who are said to be cured and who have their lives terribly impacted and who may never return to their normal lives.“. Roselyne Bachelot herself is still affected by the effects of the coronavirus.”The after-effects are important. I overcome themFortunately, during her care by the hospital services, Roselyne Bachelot was able to count on significant support. The President of the Republic would indeed have visited her, reveal our colleagues from the Parisian, Saturday April 24, 2021. A quite surprising visit which must have warmed the heart of the Minister who was at the time at its worst.

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