Roselyne Bachelot tackled by Cyril Hanouna: the tea towel is burning! : Current Woman Le MAG

After a career in politics as Minister of Health, Roselyne Bachelot is now very present on television especially in C to you on France 5 where she rarely has her tongue in her pocket. Thus, very invested and always in search of new experiences, the 73-year-old politician announced on May 31, 2020, her participation in the Shopping Queens, the show presented by Cristina Cordula on M6. In Children of TV, Roselyne Bachelot explained that the money earned in this special celebrities issue will be donated to associations. A great cause that did not affect everyone … however, notably Cyril Hanouna.

Bitterness that has lasted since March 2020

Indeed, Monday June 1, 2020, in its new issue It's just kiff on C8, the 45-year-old presenter and his columnists gave their opinion on Roselyne Bachelot's participation in the fashion show. If Geraldine Maillet welcomed this initiative by describing the looks of the former minister as absolutely "incredible", Cyril Hanouna, he was not tender. Very upset with Roselyne Bachelot, Lino and Bianca's dad let go: "Above all, in sewing, the most common thing is that she turns her jacket around a lot. "

Obviously, the host always resents Roselyne Bachelot since she refused to answer a question on the show Tonight at Baba's, in March 2020: "She laughed at the noses of the teams. She said she was busy all evening, I don't know what the hell she's doing Roselyne Bachelot. Anyway, she eats at all the racks. We like it but it is like that. She worked with me on Europe 1, overnight I never saw her again. She was working on C8 too, overnight we never saw her again. But hey, it's okay. Roselyne Bachelot she turns over her jacket and tailor every week ", he explained. For the moment, the main interested party has not yet reacted to these virulent attacks … certainly to avoid beating her like ragpickers.

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