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Minister of Health in the midst of the influenza A (H1N1) epidemic, Roselyne Bachelot is now in charge of the Ministry of Culture while the Covid-19 pandemic is in full swing and strikes intermittents in the entertainment industry, artists and other theaters and cinema. The one who has faced more than one media and political storm confided in Élisabeth Quin in the columns of the Madame Figaro, released on February 12, 2021. Looking back on her journey and the events that marked her life, the former columnist of Big 8 of C8 then remembered his studies and especially his visit to Sainte-Agnès.

Enrolled in the Catholic establishment during his younger years, the ex-companion of Jacques Bachelot returned to this surprising love story with a nun. "When I was educated in Sainte-Agnès, in Angers, at the beginning of the 1960s, a nun fell in love with me", she began by telling. Teenager, she then receives "little words of love " that the good sister in question writes to her before placing them on her bed "with a flower". "She nicknamed me: 'My brave little mask', the minister recalled.

Did Roselyne Bachelot fall in love with this nun?

A story that Roselyne Bachelot had already revealed to Marc-Olivier Fogiel. Guest on the show The Diva of France 3 in 2017, she confided with tenderness: "I think she was deeply in love with me and finally there was something contagious about this love she had for me, because i ended up loving it too". A love story that was short lived since Roselyne Bachelot ended up being "excluded from school for eight days" for his temper "Voltairien, bad faith in other words!" "I doubted everything, dogma, hierarchical codes. I was a funny gang leader at that time! And I became an atheist …", she revealed to the journalist from Madame Figaro. We must believe that Roselyne Bachelot has not changed!

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