Ross Antony disappoints fans: “Bro’Sis” comeback is impossible

Ross Antony
That’s why the band “Bro’Sis” will never be on stage together again

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Ross Antony celebrated huge success with “Bro’Sis”. The Briton became famous in Germany with the band. The six cast members conquered the charts for five years. 2006 was suddenly over – and apparently there is no hope for a comeback for their fans either.

They were the stars of the second season of the RTLZWEI casting show “Popstars” in the early 2000s: Ross Antony, 48, Hila Bronstein, 39, Shaham Joyce, 44, Faiz Mangat. 42, Indira Weis, 43, and Giovanni Zarrella, 45, sang and danced their way into the hearts of the jury and the audience. “Bro’Sis” was born, an R&B and pop band with a guaranteed catchy tune. From 2001 to 2006, the six musicians celebrated great chart successes. Then it was over. Since “No Angels”, also a “Postars” product, dared to make a comeback for their 20th anniversary last year, Bro’Sis fans have also been hoping for a stage reunion. But one of the Bad’s darlings, of all people, rejects all speculation.

Ross Antony rejects Bro’Sis comeback

Not all members of the once successful casting group are still in the limelight today. While Giovanni successfully moderates his own Saturday evening show and Ross continues to be on TV as a pop singer, Indira tried his hand at acting and a few reality formats in addition to his own singing projects. Shaham now sings with the soul band “Empire Statement” and sells coffee as a second mainstay. Faiz last released a solo album in 2015 and Hila is said to be still working as a songwriter.

Giovanni Zarrella, Shaham Joyce, Ross Antony, Indira Weis, Faiz Mangat, and Hila Bronstein

Giovanni Zarrella, Shaham Joyce, Ross Antony, Indira Weis, Faiz Mangat and Hila Bronstein from “Bro’Sis” conquered the German charts from 2002 to 2006.

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However, a revival of the old joint success is hopeless: “Unfortunately, that will never happen. We have decided that ‘Bro’Sis’ will never come back in this constellation of six people,” said Ross in an interview with “Bunte”. A decision that the former band members would have made years ago. The Brit admits that even if one or the other would itch their fingers at times.

“You evolve”

“So we all found our way and we’re all really happy with it. It’s like when we see each other that we feel a little bit like it. We had five great years together, also because we were so different, but still that made it worked great. And nobody expected that we would stick together for so long. Everyone said they would part at some point, “recalls the 48-year-old, and continues: “But that was our decision. And the thing that made us always keeps us from is that we stopped being successful. We had such a huge success back then and we stopped having success. And to come back now and just pick up a little bit of that success again would be catastrophic for us.”

There would always be contact between the old colleagues. “There’s no bad blood at all. We broke up as friends and of course when we see each other it’s great and we’re happy, but it’s like a class reunion.” But as with every high school reunion after twenty years, times have changed. “You develop further. And I have to say that I was a bit older than the others, except for Giovanni. But I was ten years older than Hila and of course she has different friends than me. But when we see each other, we’re happy we us.”

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