Ross Antony: That’s how the collaboration with Marianne Rosenberg came about

In an interview, Ross Antony talks about his new album “100% Ross”, his long married life, his TV engagements and Charles III.

Ross Antony (48) will release his new studio album “100% Ross” on June 16th. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the singer explains why the main theme of the record is love, what his secret of his long-term marriage is and what he appreciates about the hit genre and Helene Fischer (38). In addition, the German-British musician speaks as a royal “superfan” about King Charles III. (74) and his future as a monarch.

Their album is called “100% Ross”. What does the title mean to you?

Antony: It’s what it says on the tin: “100% Ross”. We really took our time with the album this time, listened to a lot of songs and looked, what’s Ross? What matches to me? I quickly realized that the central theme of the album is love. And it kind of happened subconsciously, as I was listening through the album and deciding which tracks really made it on the album, it was always kind of about love. And in the end, that’s what drives us all. I sang the album with a lot of love and every song shows a facet of love. Love is the most important thing in my life. Just “100% Ross”.

You’ve been in Schlager for around ten years now. What do you like about the genre and has the genre changed over the years?

Antony: Schlager has become much more modern – it’s not a niche or music that a couple of nice ladies listen to while eating ice cream. Schlager is big, Schlager is young and extremely professional. Helene Fischer opened many of these doors, I wish she would get more credit for it.

The album features a cover version of the hit “I Should Be So Lucky”. Why this song, do you have a specific connection to Kylie Minogue?

Antony: I’ve always been a big fan of Kylie – she was my idol as a little boy. I stood in front of the mirror with a hairbrush and performed a little “concert” to “I should be so lucky”. That’s when I started dreaming of being on a stage one day. When you listen to the original song, you realize that it’s not that far removed from the beat of the hit. It was obvious to record the song in German, a little homage to the “Princess of Pop”.

Also on the record is “I will always love you”, the German version of “You Are the Reason”. You once performed with the song on “Masked Singer”, which was very emotional for you. What does the song mean to you?

Antony: Yes, the song means a lot to me. We were in the Corona lockdown when I took part in “Masked Singer”. No concerts, no festivals, no shows. It felt so good – albeit as a flamingo – to be on stage and sing live. The song was special for me, I felt such a connection to the audience and gave it my all. It was such a beautiful moment that I have now tied a pop bow.

The title “Flamingo” is also reminiscent of your “Masked Singer” participation. How do you look back on the time, would you participate again?

Antony: Every time, it was one of the most beautiful productions I’ve ever done. Singing live every Saturday, a bit of “hide and seek”, a great team behind the scenes – I absolutely loved every minute.

The song “I love love” was written by Schlager icon Marianne Rosenberg. How did the collaboration come about? What do you appreciate about her?

Antony: Marianne just approached me at a concert and said: “Ross, I have a song for you.” Of course I was very excited, she sent it over to me and it’s just an absolute catchy tune.
I just love the song, so much that it became my second single off the album.

The protagonists of your show “Down the Road” are also involved. To what extent are you involved and how was the cooperation?

Antony: When we were traveling together last summer, we always sang together, in the car, in our accommodation and always hits, they knew my songs better than me (laughs). They always said to me, “Ross, we’d love to perform with you sometime.” I haven’t forgotten. When we were thinking about the concept for the video for “I love you”, it came back to me. Everyone was immediately enthusiastic and said yes, there was no time to think at all – everyone was like: “We’re in!”

There will be a second season of the series “Down the Road”. What does that mean to you?

Antony: Incredibly much. When I saw the Belgian version, I knew immediately – I want to do this! I was so hoping that the SWR would choose me as their “tour guide” and it worked. I will never forget the time with my “Magic Six” because I also learned a lot about myself and what is really important in life. For example being more in the moment and not always looking at what comes next. I have my Magic Six to thank for that, we were and are a great team.

What have you already learned about dealing with people with Down syndrome? What tips can you give?

Antony: I’ve noticed that my six like it when the day has a structure. If everything happens in peace and not in stress and hectic, that’s what I meant by “being in the moment”. stop and
just arrive in the here and now.

In “Let love be love” you devote yourself to your heart’s theme of equality. Do you have the feeling that you have already achieved something on this topic?

Antony: If I look back 20 years, definitely. Especially with the older generation – they understand more that it is also normal to be gay, lesbian, bi or transgender, for example. That nobody chooses that and that we are no exception. We are all human, we all love – it shouldn’t matter who.

Overall, the album is about love. They celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary in September. What is the secret of your long marriage? What tips do you have up your sleeve?

Antony: It may sound too easy, but make an effort. I never think “it’s clear that Paul is there, that he does this or that for me, that we go through life together”. I have great respect for my husband and everything he does for me and my family. I tell him that too. When he or I are out and about and we say “good night” on the phone in the evening, I always say “I love you”. I also think it helps that we both have our own careers and travel a lot, sometimes together, sometimes separately – I’m always happy to come home to Paul.

As a royal “superfan” what do you think of Charles III?

Antony: I love our king. I really am a “superfan”. I also look at it very pragmatically: the monarchy brings so many tourists to England, that’s important for us English people. Especially after the terrible Brexit.

What were your highlights of the coronation, what did you find less good?

Antony: I love that Charles and Camilla are king and queen now. I mean who would have ever thought? And that brings us back to my favorite topic: love. Because she can really defeat everything, as you can see here quite impressively. I think it’s great that Harry was there, maybe there is still hope for a reconciliation. I think Charles was glad his two sons were there. What I didn’t like was the weather – always this rain – but that was typically English again.

What do you wish for Charles for the future? Do you think he will do well as king, what challenges will he face?

Antony: Yes, the nice thing is that he was able to prepare for the role all his life and think about how he would deal with situations, what he might do differently. You can also tell that Charles understands that not everything can stay the way it is. That the royals also have to face the challenges of the times and have to go along with them, they too have to make savings or get involved in important issues such as environmental protection and that is exactly what Charles does. I think he’s going to do great, God save the King!


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