“Rote Rosen”: Marianne Rosenberg will soon be seen as a star guest

“Red roses”
Marianne Rosenberg will soon be seen as a star guest

Marianne Rosenberg appears in episode 3434 of “Rote Rosen”.

© ARD / Nicole Manthey

The current season of “Rote Rosen” is heading for a happy ending. In the final, Marianne Rosenberg will be the star guest.

Marianne Rosenberg (66) will soon enchant her fans in the telenovela “Rote Rosen” in the first. The broadcaster has now announced that the singer will be the star guest in episode 3434, which is expected to be broadcast in mid-October. She will sing her song “In the Name of Love” on the show. But on what occasion?

Beware, spoilers!

The current season of “Rote Rosen” ends with a double happy ending. After Mona (Jana Hora-Goosmann, 53) and Tatjana (Judith Sehrbrock, 48) were cheated on by the same man, they became friends and celebrated a double wedding at Gut Flickenschild. Mona marries her Jens (Martin Luding, 50) and Tatjana says I do with Paul (Leander Lichti, 44). Mona’s greatest wish comes true: Marianne Rosenberg appears as the star guest.

After the wedding, there should be a smooth transition into the 19th season, in which Nicole Ernst (48) as Katrin Zeese will be the new leading actress. Katrin fell into a seven-year coma and her husband Florian (Stefan Plepp) married her best friend Anke (Anne Brendler, 49). The physiotherapist Leo (Daniel Hartwig, 43), however, stands by Katrin, who has to admit the changes in her life. But a new life and a new love are waiting for them.

180 more episodes are planned from mid-October. “Rote Rosen” always runs Monday to Friday at 2:10 p.m. in the Erste and is also available in the media library.