Rotwild R.R275 X: The brand’s first e-gravel bike offers different support


With the R.R275 X (Pro/Ultra) Rotwild presents its first e-gravel bike. This comes with many innovations and technical highlights.

The Rotwild R.R275 Ultra comes with many technical treats. (Source: Rotwild)

We know the Rotwild brand in connection with extremely powerful e-mountain bikes. But the German brand can do more – the first e-gravel bike R.R275 X Ultra or Pro is intended to prove this.

Rotwild e-gravel bike in pictures

Interestingly, Rotwild does not focus on sheer engine power. Instead, driver and machine should be one unit – with the lion’s share of the work coming from humans and not from the engine. “The manufacturer calls this principle eAssist.”

“Thanks to the combination of gentle support and lightweight construction, you maintain a natural driving experience even beyond the support limit of 25 km/h,” says the manufacturer. The latter point is important, as there are some e-bikes where you have the feeling of riding against a wall when the maximum support limit is reached. The manufacturer Lemmo recently had this problem on its radar and found an interesting solution.

But red deer wouldn’t be deer if the e-gravel bike couldn’t really go to its fullest when needed. Then the HPR50 motor from TQ provides support with up to 50 Newton meters of torque. Similar to the VanMoof principle, the R.R275 X also offers a boost button that provides the full power of 300 watts immediately and regardless of the selected support level. It can be “boosted” for a maximum of 30 seconds at a time.

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E-bike innovations of the year

E-bike innovations of the year

The integrated battery offers a capacity of 252 watt hours. Too little? Then you can counteract this with an optionally available range extender with an additional 160 watt hours.

The Rotwild e-gravel bike is available in two different equipment levels. In the cheaper Pro version it offers, among other things:

  • Handcrafted full carbon frame
  • ROTWILD Gravel fork, High Modulus Carbon, 1.5 inch tapered
  • ROTWILD B340 handlebar, 440 mm wide, 120 mm drop
  • Front lighting: Supernova Starstream, low beam and high beam
  • Shimano GRX GS rear derailleur
  • Shimano GRX brake discs front and rear

The more expensive Ultra version also offers:

  • Xentis High-X wheels
  • SRAM XG1271 rear derailleur
  • SRAM Centerline XR brake discs front and rear

Price and availability

The new R.R275 is now available from Rotwild. The price of the Pro version is 8,999 euros. For the better-equipped Ultra version you have to invest 11,999 euros. This puts the noble red deer almost in the same league as the Lotus e-racing bike. We will introduce you to further e-bike innovations of the season here.

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