Round birthday – Franz Posch: The icon of folk music turns 70

For 35 years, Franz Posch has been delighting millions of viewers in front of the screens with his television show “Mei liabste Weis”. Here is a look back at the formative stages in the life of the popular full-blooded musician from Hall in Tirol.

On January 30, 1988, the first “Mei liabste Weis” was broadcast from the porch of the Bogner inn in the pilgrimage town of Absam. To this day, 35 years and almost 180 programs later, almost nothing has changed in the concept of this television format. The pictures taken and sent in all federal states as well as in South Tyrol and Bavaria convey a cozy inn atmosphere. Satisfied guests sit at laid tables and the musicians all come from the area. A coherent concept to bring the regional peculiarities and differences that alpine folk music has closer to the large audience and to get to know them. A TV hit that fulfills musical wishes the audience can express music requests, which are then played live. The “fathers” of this program are the directors Heinz Fechner and Peter Moser and their moderator Franz Posch. Posch and music have shown a deep mutual symbiosis since his earliest childhood – and that to this day. Music on my mind since my earliest childhoodBorn on August 12, 1953 in Hall in Tirol. Growing up in rural conditions in Heiligkreuz, the rural part of the old salt works town, he came to music at the age of four due to pneumonia, which “tied him up” to his room for one winter. Out of childish boredom, he quickly taught himself to play the accordion. This aroused his ambition. So, when he was healthy again, sitting on the bench in front of his parents’ house, he grabbed the accordion and played “Teufel komm raus”. Passers-by admired the child playing music and some even kindly slipped him a few shillings from time to time. A life that also always consists of learning. In 1969 he was a guest on television for the first time and that was in the ratings-breaker of the television show “Guten Abend am Saturday”, which was moderated by Heinz Conrads. Franz Posch began to play the trumpet at the age of 15 and after graduating from the Franziskanergymnasium in Hall he spent 14 months as a flugelhorn player with the Tyrolean military band. His “musical military service” was followed by music and sports studies at the University of Innsbruck. In 1986 he received his doctorate in philosophy. From 1977 to 1990 Franz Posch taught at the Akademisches Gymnasium in Innsbruck. He also taught diatonic accordion at the conservatory. For some time now he has been a student in Professor Franz Baur’s composition class at the State Conservatory. But that doesn’t mean that he now wants to work as a composer. This path is a must for those who are eternally inquisitive and inquisitive in order to approach contemporary music. We wish the jubilee all the very best on this path!
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