round face cut thick hair

Finding the perfect fit isn’t always easy! What hairstyle to adopt when you not only have a round face, but also thick hair? Good news, you have a lot of options! Here are 35 haircuts ideas that will look great on you!

To find the ideal haircut, it is generally recommended to take into account the shape of the face. However, the texture and thickness of the hair is also important! Some hairstyles will be ideal for thin hair while others will be more suitable for thick hair.

If you have a round face, your features are very soft and your cheeks are plump, like Selena Gomez, Miranda Kerr or Gigi Hadid. The width and height of your face are roughly equal. Haircuts that bring verticality to your face will look very flattering because they will make it look more oval optically.

As for your hair, if it’s thick, don’t be afraid of your volume! On the contrary, the goal is to master and sublimate it, especially because voluminous hairstyles are very suitable for women with round faces. That’s a good news ! But then, which hairstyle to opt for? Here are just for you 35 ideas of ideal hairstyles for women with round faces and thick hair. The hardest part will be to choose one before going to your hairdresser.

The voluminous square
Contrary to what one might think, the voluminous bob is particularly flattering for a woman with a round face. This is an ideal hairstyle for those who naturally have thick hair. Only one condition, it is better that the square starts under the chin. All variations are then possible from the mid-length square to the long square. We focus on volume and we do not hesitate to dare a textured hairstyle, especially on the top of the head. The face will then appear more oval. Spray damp hair with a texturizing spray (Bumble and Bumble Fini Surf Spray Salted Beach Back Effect Spray, € 29.90, available at Sephora) then they are dried using a diffuser (Powerful Hair Dryer with Diffuser Tip from Remington, € 18.79, available on Amazon) keeping your head down. You can also just wrinkle your hair for a blurry effect.

The short afro cut
Who said the short haircut was forbidden for round faces? The short afro cut with volume at the top of the head and shorter sides gives the impression of a longer, slimmer face. It is possible to personalize it at your hairdresser so that it is perfectly personalized and thus sublimates your round face. We particularly like the asymmetrical afro cut which breaks the roundness of your features and offers a particularly stylish hairstyle. For top-notch hair, be sure to moisturize your hair daily with a leave-in moisturizer (As I Am DoubleButter Daily Moisturizer, € 10.45, available on LookFastastic).

The pixie cut
Another short cut that perfectly matches women with round faces and thick hair. What could be better than volume to play with the asymmetrical side of this hairstyle. The pixie cut actually has a short neck and a longer strand or even a fringe on the front. It is possible to personalize it with a more or less pronounced gradient, highlights or a sweep to emphasize the volume. The fact that the pixie cut is asymmetrical, it brings a geometric side that harmonizes the curves of the face. As for the volume, it is placed on the top and gives verticality in order to lengthen the face. The pixie cut also has the advantage of being easy to maintain, just use a texturizing spray or wax (Ouai Haircare Matte Texturizing Balm, € 30, available at Sephora) to fix the hairstyle and give it character.

The plunging square
Women with round faces are sometimes reluctant to cut their hair squared. However, it is a cut that suits them very well, especially if they have thick hair. Whether it’s a short bob or a plunging mid-length bob, this is the perfect hairstyle for a round face. Asymmetry is very suitable because it visually cuts the roundness of the features and thus tends to lengthen the face. The plunging bob highlights your pretty rounded cheekbones and draws attention downwards without bringing attention to the jawline. It also brings a chic and trendy side so why deny it? The plunging square can be worn smooth, wavy or curly, nothing is forbidden! We obviously like the natural volume of your thick hair so you might as well highlight it with a texturizing spray.

Wavy lengths
Whether on shoulder-length or long hair, waves or beautiful curls are always a good idea for thick hair. Long hair draws attention to the bottom and brings verticality to the round face, it balances it out making it appear more oval. The waves or the curls come to sublimate your long thick hair. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, use mousse to reshape your curls or waves. If your hair is straight, wave it with a curling iron (Babyliss Pure Metal 2 in 1 straightener with ionic technology, € 56.99, available on Amazon) before having protected them with a thermoprotective spray (Fortifying heat protector from KeraCare, € 11.45, available on LookFantastic). They are fixed using a special wave spray (SachaJuan Ocean Mist Wavy Effect Hair Spray, € 22, available on Sephora) or with a little hairspray and you’re done.

The gradient
Whether short, mid-length or long, the layered is the ideal hairstyle for thick hair. A layered hairstyle makes it possible to control the volume and to perfectly uniform it while giving character to the haircut. For women with round faces, it is advisable to start the layering just below the chin, especially if you have shoulder-length or long hair. With thick hair, the smooth gradient will be just as flattering as a gradient that is a little more unstructured, voluminous and a wild strand to highlight waves, curls or curls.

The shag
The flagship hairstyle of the 70s is making a comeback and it’s perfect for round-faced women with thick hair. This is a hairstyle between the gradient and the neo-mullet with a layering effect. The shag brings volume to the top of the head and becomes more tapered over the lengths to nicely frame the face. It is a very flattering hairstyle for round faces and suitable for thick hair because we can have fun degrading the hair. The bangs rebalance the forehead while the layered locks bring verticality to refine the face. In addition, the shag gives a lot of character to the hair with its dynamism and its very rock unstructured effect.

Vanilla or twists are ideal for thick hair, especially Afro hair. They are ideal for a round face because it brings volume above the head to lengthen your features. All vanilla lengths will be flattering for a round face and will enhance your thick hair. However, mid-length or long vanilla will lengthen your face even more. Don’t forget to hydrate your vanilla beans with a leave-in moisturizer (Christophe Robin Moisturizing Aloe Vera Mist, € 29.90, available on Sephora) and protect them well at night with a silk scarf (Pure silk scarf Bruce Field, € 35, available on La Redoute).

The side bangs
Side bangs, like side parting, are a round-faced ladies best friend. Again, the fringe or side parting visually cuts the face in order to bring more verticality. This then makes it more oval. The bangs or the side parting is the right trick to adopt the square when you have a round face because it breaks the helmet effect. It will also be very elegant with shoulder-length or long hair to dress your forehead and give pep to your hairstyle. And if you are not yet decided to adopt the fringe on a daily basis, consider the fringe with clips to vary the styles of hairstyles (Barsdar clip-on bangs, € 17.99, available on Amazon).

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