Round-up National League – Bern finds its way back to winning ways, Ajoie gambles away a 2-goal lead – Sport

  • Thanks to the 3-1 home win against Geneva, SC Bern is back to winning ways.
  • Zug, the ZSC Lions and Rapperswil-Jona also win in the other National League games of the evening.
  • The game between Langnau and Lausanne was canceled at short notice due to several Covid cases in the Emmental ranks.

Bern – Geneva-Servette 3: 1

After a major mistake by Geneva’s Roger Karrer, Thierry Bader went alone towards the Geneva goal. Without batting an eyelash, he aimed for a wrist shot – 1-0 for the home team from Bern (6th). Even though the Calvinstadt team created more chances in the middle third, they failed several times at SCB goalie Philip Wüthrich and at the edge of the goal (a total of 3 shots against the post). However, luck was on their side in Bern: Vincent Praplan (26th) and later Ramon Untersander (50th) made it 3-0. Joël Vermin’s goal to make it 1: 3 from Geneva’s point of view was not able to bring about the turnaround. With this, the SCB ends its 8-loss negative series and is in table 10. again at a pre-playoff rank.

Zug – Lugano 5: 4 aet

After it was a 4:4 draw after 60 minutes, extra time decided the outcome of the game: 14 seconds after the start of overtime, Niklas Hansson scored the extra point for the Zugers and thus their 7th win in a row. Already between the 10th and 12th minute of the game there was no stopping the Zug home fans: Within 162 seconds Reto Suri (10th), Sven Senteler (11th) and Hansson (12th) ensured a 3:0 lead. As a result, the Luganesi remained stubborn – Romain Loeffel forced extra time in the 58th minute with the equalizer to make it 4:4.

ZSC Lions – Ambri-Piotta 5:2

Once Denis Malgin picks up speed, it’s almost impossible to stop him. Ambri defender Michael Fora received this lesson in no uncertain terms. When the score was 2: 2, he lost the disc on the blue line, Malgin initiated his attack and defeated “Biancoblu” keeper Benjamin Conz a few seconds later. After Malgins took the lead 3:2 (52nd), the Zurich “lions” couldn’t take the lead anymore. Marco Pedretti (55th) and again top scorer Malgin (60th, into an empty goal) ensured the final point of the game. Thanks to the home win against Ambri, Zurich scored points in the 11th game in a row.

Ajoie – Rapperswil-Jona 3:7

In the 29th minute of the game, Ajoie coach Gary Sheehan was forced to call a timeout – in just 9 minutes of the game, the Rosenstadt team had turned a 0:2 deficit into a 3:2 lead. Zack Mitchell initiated the turnaround only 15 seconds after the start of the second period – the same Mitchell managed to equalize with a shorthander in the 27th minute of the game. The fact that the Jurassians regularly give their opponents gifts was particularly evident in the 34th minute of the game, when league top scorer Roman Cervenka knew how to consistently exploit a mistake made by Ajoie. At least the home team from Pruntrut scored a consolation goal through Thibault Frossard at the beginning of the 3rd period, again Cervenka (41st) and Sandro Forrer (54th) inflicted Ajoie’s 16th defeat in a row.

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