Royal news about Meghan: Now there is criticism from Michael Markle

Duchess Meghan in criticism

Duchess Meghan, 38, has had no contact with her family since her wedding to Prince Harry, 35, in May 2018: the only exception. Mother Doria Ragland, 63. The radio silence is one reason why the rest of the Markles – Meghan's father Thomas, their half-siblings Samantha and Thomas Jr. and their nephew Tyler – are repeatedly negative in the press about Meghan. Now another family member raises his voice: Meghan's uncle Michael Markle, 81.

The US Air Force veteran and former diplomat spoke of "The Express" from his home in Palm Bay, Florida, and recalled Meghan's interview with journalist Tom Bradby in Africa in 2019. "Meghan famously said, 'Not a lot of people asked if I was fine.' In a time of real crisis, she would do it right to ask her father if he was fine."

Michael Markle adds: "People my age and Toms are dying from the virus. There is nothing wrong with being polite. It is time that she tried to fix the differences she has with the family before it's too late. I think she should be in touch with her father. Tom should talk to his daughter and youngest grandson. "

Thomas Markle, 75, suffered a heart attack in May 2018 because of which he was unable to lead his daughter to the altar.

Source used: The Express

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