Royal Wedding: The Bridal Look Details of Princess Iman of Jordan

Princess Iman bint Abdullah and her fiancé Jameel Alexander Thermiotis tied the knot on March 12, 2023. In the week before the wedding, the first details about the bridal look come to light and the proud mother of the bride shares her first impressions of the celebrations.

In July 2022, the engagement of Princess Iman bint Abdullah, 26, and businessman Jameel Alexander Thermiotis was announced. Eight months later, wedding bells are set to ring in Jordan. Princess Iman is the second eldest child of Queen Rania, 52, and King Abdullah, 61, and their eldest daughter. While it’s not the only wedding to be celebrated by Jordanian royalty this year – in June Iman’s older brother, Crown Prince Hussein, 28, will tie the knot with his bride Rajwa – for now, it’s all about Iman. You can find out what is known about the bridal look and the celebrations in our ticker.

March 11, 2023

Wedding diadem for Princess Iman: The piece of jewelry is very popular with experts

In many countries there is a royal tradition: the diadem for the wedding. It is considered a symbol of initiation into the monarchical world and is therefore the ultimate focus at royal weddings alongside the bridal dress. The moment when the noble bride shows up for the first time with the sparkling headdress, usually full of history, is therefore a very special moment during the ceremony. Which piece of jewelery will Princess Iman choose? The rumor mill is bubbling, after all, Queen Rania has some beautiful specimens that she was able to lend her daughter.

Iman of Jordan is known to be very fashion savvy. Which tiara will she choose for her wedding day?

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Rania is said to have around twenty tiaras, but in her almost 24 years as queen only very few of them have been executed. However, the “Boucheron Bracelet Diadem”, which can be worn discreetly in the hair or as a bracelet, is one of her favourites. Which is why it’s also the favorite wedding tiaras for Princess Iman when it comes to royal fans! The simple design would fit with the minimalist wedding tradition in Jordan and would be far more understated than, for example, the “Queen Alia’s Cartier Diadem”, the queen’s coronation diadem.

Queen Rania with the "Boucheron bracelet tiara".

Queen Rania with the “Boucheron Bracelet Diadem”.

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Which diadem the princess will choose, or whether she will wear one at all, will be revealed at the wedding ceremony at the latest. Her mother, for example, eschewed the glamor and just chose a veil for her big day. Only at the coronation of her husband King Abdullah II did she wear a diadem.

March 10, 2023

Princess Iman’s bridal makeup speculation

In a few days it will be time. Princess Iman’s bridal look remains top secret. However, first clues to the bride’s make-up can now be found on the account of her make-up artist Hindash, who was allowed to do the princess’s make-up for her henna evening. Known for his soft-glam looks, Hindash focuses on the eye make-up, mostly using a cat-eye look in shades of brown and glitter eyeshadow. For the lips, he chooses natural beige or rosé colors. He also applied his signature look to Princess Iman for the henna evening: She wore glittering eye make-up in bronze tones with black eyeliner and rosewood-colored lips with lip gloss.

So if Princess Iman had her make-up done by the make-up artist on her wedding day, his Instagram page could provide information about a possible wedding look. The Jordan native posted a video of a bridal look that he describes as timeless and romantic. In the video, Hindash does a bride’s makeup with a soft contour, glittery eyeshadow, brown eyeliner with wings and glossy brown lips. It remains to be seen whether the princess’s make-up look will be the same.

March 8, 2023

Exuberant henna evening says goodbye to Princess Iman as a bachelorette

Just days before her daughter’s wedding, Queen Rania shares photos of a fun evening, the henna party, on Instagram. “So much love in one room. With friends and family at Iman’s henna party tonight,” she wrote. In the photos, Iman’s white dress comes into its own even better and can be seen in its entirety. Queen Rania wears a pink dress and an intricately embroidered dark red cloak.

March 7, 2023

Queen Rania shares first photo of her daughter’s bridal look

The week before the big wedding of Princess Iman bint Abdullah and her fiancé Jameel Alexander Thermiotis, mother Rania shares the first glimpse of her daughter’s wedding on her Instagram profile. To see: A sporty Rania, who makes the final adjustments to the supposed bridal look of her daughter. However, her caption reveals something else: Princess Iman is celebrating her henna night today! An important occasion to say goodbye to the bride’s bachelorette life.

Princess Iman at her henna party at Al Husseiniya Palace in Amman.

Princess Iman at her henna party

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Jordanian designs and heirlooms from Mama Rania

Her traditional robe is by designer Reema Dahbour, who delighted in the comments: “It is a moment of pride where, as a Jordanian fashion designer, I am deeply honored to see our piece dedicated to Princess Iman on such a special day. Congratulations to our royal family!” The white robe is embroidered with flowers and shines above all with the special belt, which not only stands out with golden details and an o-shaped buckle, but is also meaningful: Rania once wore the noble belt to her own wedding and now gives it to her on to her daughter.

The queen herself is committed and selfless in her sporty look during the fitting. Casual trousers, a casual top and the Apple Watch on her wrist ensure that the Queen of Jordan definitely has everything in view and can perhaps help out with a jump. Friendly!

March 6, 2023

Queen Rania’s daughter Iman wears a tiara for the first time

On Sunday, March 5, 2023, a photo will be released showing the bride-to-be wearing a tiara for the first time. In the reel that Queen Rania shares on Instagram, a photo can be seen in which the 26-year-old is dressed very simply, her hair is open, the exquisite piece of jewelry adorns her head.

It is so fascinating and sparkling, so special, because the tiara is from the fund of the Queen of Jordan. Will Princess Iman wear the tiara at her wedding? Quite possible.

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