Royals: Prince Harry defends himself: allegations "defamatory and insulting"

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan stepped out of a charity run by Prince William and Duchess Catherine in 2019. That is causing trouble now, over a year later.

Last summer, Prince Harry, 35, and Duchess Meghan, 38, ended their charitable work for the Royal Foundation. It was founded in 2009 by Harry and Prince William 38, and later led by four with their wives. As the Sussexes left, about £ 300,000 flowed from the Royal Foundation to two new Harry's projects.

Simply transferring money from one foundation to another – that is not possible for Graham Smith, CEO of the anti-monarchist campaign group "Republic". He accuses the royal brothers of using donations inappropriately and lodged a complaint with the Charity Commission. The Commission monitors and regulates charities in England and Wales. Prince Harry does not want to put up with the allegation of embezzlement and speaks up through his lawyers.

That's what Prince Harry says about the allegations

In response to Smith, the Duke's legal team said, according to The Telegraph, that the transfer investigation request contained "profoundly offensive" and "false" claims that were "defamatory and insulting." The Duke of Sussex is "deeply committed" to the good of the community, a spokesman warns. "His dedication to charity is at the core of the principles by which he lives."

The 35-year-old insisted that all of his charities' businesses were "transparent and legal." The Duke said the charities "had no commercial or financial gain" from the charities. own, moral compass. "One wants to react to the accusations of" Republic "with the power of the law.

That's what Prince William says

A spokesman for the Royal Foundation of William and Duchess Catherine, 38, also responded to "Republic" allegations. According to Mail Online, he clarified: "The grants to Sussex Royal should support the charitable work of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They fully met government requirements and were reported transparently."

This is what the Charity Commission says

The Charity Commission confirmed that "Republic" has acted against William and Harry. "We have received a complaint on the subject," said a spokesman. "As with all concerns raised against us, we will evaluate the information provided to determine whether the Commission is involved or not. We have not identified any wrongdoing (so far)."

Why have Harry's and Williams charities been reported?

The Williams Royal Foundation's annual report indicates that it paid Harry's Sussex Royal Foundation £ 145,000. This was intended to finance the establishment and start-up phase of the new foundation. Another £ 144,901 went to Harry's tourism project, Travalyst, which was then owned by the Sussex Foundation. The Sussex Royal Foundation has now been dissolved, the money invested is gone. Travalyst – referred to by Harry's and Meghan's team as a "non-profit organization" – is a limited liability company. According to "The Sun" Harry holds 75 percent.

In a letter to the Charity Commission, Republic CEO Graham Smith wrote: "These two charities (by Harry and William) appear to violate the guidelines on the proper use of charities and may violate their duty, independently and solely in the interest of their goals to act." His accusation: The money only flowed from A to B because William wanted to support his brother.

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