Royals: WANT Duchess Meghan to return her title?

WANT Duchess Meghan to return her title?

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Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry should give up their royal or nobility titles, critics demand. A court reporter from London reveals how Meghan feels about it.

It has been a year since Duchess Meghan, 39, and Prince Harry, 36, announced their departure as senior royals – a decision that is resented by many supporters of the British royal family. And not only that: The behavior of the two after their move to the USA also comes across. Deals with Netflix and Spotify, statements about the US election and a luxurious lifestyle are just some of the criticisms. The call that the couple should differentiate themselves more clearly than before from the monarchy and no longer benefit from their status does not want to fall silent. One of the main demands: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan should get their royal titles – "Her Royal Highness" and "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex" – revoked.

Duchess Meghan allegedly comments on titles

In a recent article on the Daily Mail website, palace expert Rebecca English wrote: "Interestingly, I learned that Meghan – possibly frivolously – once told friends that she had her (duchess) title, which was a wedding gift from the Queen , would return 'with joy'. However, there is no indication that she really wishes it. It appears that a duchess (or duke) carries a useful seal of approval in the United States for the time being. "

Queen Elizabeth leaves it at that

Despite much speculation, there are no plans to get Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan rid of their titles, emphasizes Royal Expert English. The royal family is "not petty" and does not intend to punish Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan for the Megxit. A look at the history books supports this statement: After his abdication in December 1936, the former King Edward VIII received the title "Duke of Windsor" and retained the title "His Royal Highness".

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