RSA, APL, activity bonus… Here is good news from CAF for your allowances

APL, RSA, activity bonus… Each year, tens of thousands of individuals do not claim the social assistance they are entitled to. Here is what will change to benefit automatically.

The sum makes you dizzy. Each year, unclaimed social benefits from the Family Allowance Fund (Caf) represent 10 billion euros. A shortfall that can be explained by the lack of knowledge of potential beneficiaries.

But not only. There is also the heaviness of certain administrative procedures. In the case of the RSA or the activity bonus, where the rate of non-recourse exceeds 30%, it is necessary to update its resources every quarter with the Caf.

Request simplifies

In this context, the government announces the implementation of a simplified application system, with the aim of a zero non-recourse territory, following the tests carried out in several departments in 2022, explains the service-public site.

Initially, this system will relate to the RSA, the activity bonus and personalized housing assistance (APL). These three aids benefit 20 million people, or 90% of the recipients.

The objective is to draw inspiration from the logic of the pre-filled tax declaration, to finish as much as possible with the figures to seek and the supporting documents to collect. The application and renewal forms will be pre-populated from the information declared by the companies, and the recipients will only have to validate them, had recently indicated the Minister of Solidarity, Jean-Christophe Combe.

Fight against undue and fraud

With this pre-filling of application and renewal forms, the Ministry intends to fight against undue errors, these dramatic situations where recipients are asked to reimburse all or part of their benefits, because their resources were initially depleted. good faith, badly declared. For nearly 10% of the French, it is this fear of industries which is the origin of the phenomenon of non-recourse.

Moreover, in terms of fraud, this reform will undoubtedly make it possible to fight against misrepresentations which regularly circulate on this subject, but also to actively participate in its definitive eradication, this scourge of trust against which we must relentlessly innovate, Jean-Christophe Combe pointed out.

This pre-filled declaration for recipients can be based on data collected by the monthly resources system (DRM) which serves as the basis for calculating allowances, specifies service-public.

To facilitate this pre-filled declaration procedure, a new line must also be added to the pay slip. This must mention the net social amount. This is the amount serving as a reference for the calculation of social benefits.

From April 2023, the net social amount will be taken into account in the DRM so that by 2024, any employer will be able to declare this amount for each employee, like the net taxable income, indicates service -audience.

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