“RTL Direkt”: Jan Hofer starts with Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock

“RTL Direct”
Jan Hofer starts with Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock

The new news format “RTL Direkt” with anchorman Jan Hofer starts on August 16.

© TVNOW / Jörg Carstensen

At the start of the new “RTL Direkt” news format, Jan Hofer welcomes Annalena Baerbock, candidate for Chancellor from Alliance 90 / The Greens.

“RTL Direkt”, the new news format in the station’s prime time channel, starts next Monday (August 16) at 10:15 pm. In the premiere broadcast, Anchorman Jan Hofer (69) welcomes the Chancellor candidate from Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen, Annalena Baerbock (40), live in Berlin. The former “Tagesschau” star announced this on Thursday morning at a digital press conference from the RTL studio in Berlin.

In terms of content, the first broadcast will be about the start of postal voting. Jan Hofer also talks to Annalena Baerbock about the current election campaign. According to the announcement, he asks what costs will arise for the citizens of the Greens’ plans.

New concept in the new studio

During the press conference, the new studio and the concept of the new news program, which will be broadcast Monday through Thursday, were also presented. “To help design a new kind of news program like ‘RTL Direkt’, to develop it and to moderate it yourself is simply incredibly attractive,” said Hofer happily. “It starts on Monday in our real and elegant studio,” he adds.

“RTL Direkt” editor-in-chief Lothar Keller also promised a news program like no other. “To do this, we combine various elements from live reports and talk to audience participation and satire, in order to bring our viewers up to date in a compact, direct and understandable manner and to entertain them well”, says Keller.

It should be about the topics that people are burning on that day. “To do this, we and our team of reporters travel all over the country where events take place and people have something to say,” he continued. “In the studio, Jan Hofer and Pinar Atalay talk directly to people about their everyday lives, or they ask politicians and experts to shed light on problems and contradictions,” said Keller.

The former “Tagesthemen” presenter Pinar Atalay (43) will join in the fall, as Stephan Schmitter, Managing Director of RTL News, added full of anticipation.