Ruairi O'Connor: Cast found for film about Buddy Holly

The still rather unknown Irish actor Ruairi O'Connor becomes Buddy Holly, who died young, in a biography.

The rock 'n' roll legend Buddy Holly (1936-1959, "Peggy Sue") is to get a biography. The leading actor has now been found for the biopic entitled "Clear Lake", as the industry journal "Variety" reports. The rather unknown Irish actor Ruairi O'Connor is said to play Holly. O'Connor has previously appeared in "The Spanish Princess", a mini-series on the US broadcaster "Starz". Production is expected to start next spring.

According to the report, a good six months were spent looking for a leading actor who both looked like Holly and could sing well enough. They looked at hundreds of applications, but O'Connor "stood out", explains producer Rick French. Bruce Beresford (80, "Miss Daisy and her Chauffeur") will direct.

The title of the film apparently refers to Buddy Holly's last concert. After a performance in the small town of Clear Lake, in the US state of Iowa, the musician was killed in a plane crash at the age of only 22.