Rudy Giuliani: Malice for the embarrassing appearance of Trump's lawyer

Many Americans and all Trump critics agree: the recent appearance of lawyer Rudy Giuliani degenerated into an absurd freak show.

As an "important news conference on the way to victory" the outgoing US President Donald Trump (74) had a 90-minute press conference held by his chief lawyer Rudy Giuliani (76) announced yesterday, Thursday. While some major news channels completely refused to broadcast them, curious Trump critics found them an entertaining laughing stock that could hardly be surpassed in absurdity. Which was largely due to a dark broth that Giuliani ran down both cheeks.

Diarrhea in the brain?

In any case, the "important news" was not solid evidence of the supposed electoral fraud of the Democrats – here Giuliani repeated the same unsubstantiated accusations that Trump supporters have been reciting like a prayer wheel since election night on November 3rd. No, the biggest finding of the press conference for many was that the former New York City mayor can sweat so profusely that even the dye seems to run out of the sparse hair on his head.

"The Daily Show" presenter Trevor Noah (36) found several explanations for Giuliani's breakdown appearance. "Was his hair dye dripping? Did his brain suck? Honestly, I didn't even know that sideburns could have their days," Noah said in a video that via the Twitter account of the "Daily Show" was posted. His conclusion: "You know your legal strategy is screwed if even your hair starts crying because of it."

Real identity revealed?

Since the press conference, users of social networks have been puzzling over Giuliani's true identity. Is he really always strong? made-up Goth-Rocker Alice Cooper (72)? Or the "Incredible Melting Man", loosely based on the 1977 horror film. After all, Giuliani seemed to melt in front of the cameras. This is how US actor Bob Reiner (73, "Harry & Sally") saw it, who wrote on Twitter: "I can't stop looking at the two rivulets of dye that are running down Rudy Giuliani's cheeks and thinking that Trump's defense and presidency are like the Wicked Witch of the West . Red.) Melt away. "

Others see it as evidence of Giuliani's willingness to make sacrifices. He has meanwhile at least "left blood, sweat and grease for this choice". Comedian Patton Oswalt (51) found parallels one of the weirdest villains in film history: Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg from "The Fifth Element", played by Oscar winner Gary Oldman. In one scene, a greasy liquid also runs from the forehead of the space villain.