Rugby World Cup 2023: the price of advertisements will exceed that of the Football World Cup

Rémi Jacob, with Ophelie Artaud

The TF1 group has unveiled the advertising rates for the Rugby World Cup, which will take place in France next September and October. And prices will soar for advertisers, who will have to pay tens of thousands of euros more than during the matches of the Football World Cup at the end of last year.

A real price hike. The TF1 group has just unveiled its advertising rates for the next Rugby World Cup, which will take place in France from September 8 to October 28. And the prices will be more expensive than for the last Football World Cup.

290,000 euros for 30 seconds of advertising for the opening match

To pay for a 30-second spot on TF1 next September during the France/New Zealand opening match, advertisers will have to pay 290,000 euros, i.e. 50,000 euros more than for the French footballers’ first match in the Coupe du World 2022 in Qatar.

And if the XV of France goes to the final, the price will soar. The bill will amount to 350,000 euros for 30 seconds, or 20,000 euros more than during the final of the Football World Cup, last December, which opposed the Blues of Didier Deschamps to Argentina.

Real enthusiasm around the XV of France

If the prices explode, it is first of all because the Rugby World Cup is organized in France, which should create an even greater enthusiasm than usual. But also by the good track record of the XV of France, which notably won the Six Nations Tournament in 2022. The audiences should therefore also be boosted.

TF1 will not be the only channel to broadcast the matches of this World Cup: if the “One” will broadcast 20 matches, M6 has obtained the rights for the other 18 posters.

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