Rugby World Cup: after his injury, the countdown to Antoine Dupont’s return is on

Axel May / Photo credits: Victor Joly / DPPI via AFP

Will the French team have to play the next matches without its captain, Antoine Dupont? The rugby player was injured during the match with Namibia. While several weeks of rest are normally necessary, Antoine Dupont could nevertheless quickly return to the field for the quarter-finals.

After their victory against Namibia, the French rugby team returns to training this Monday, without its captain, Antoine Dupont. The latter, injured during the last meeting, was operated on last Friday night. Now, players are eagerly awaiting his return.

A quarter-final at the top

And the countdown is already well underway. For the average person, a fractured cheekbone requires several weeks of rest. But the schedule forces Antoine Dupont’s hand. In 15 days, France plays its last group match in Lyon against Italy, an opponent it is used to beating with or without its captain.

On the other hand, in view of the quarter-final which is taking shape in mid-October against South Africa, the presence of its star appears very desirable, not to say necessary, even if it means taking the risk of aggravating the injury. ‘Antoine Dupont by making him play again too soon.

A decision that belongs to Antoine Dupont

“It is the surgeon who will give the verdict on the situation. And then, it is Antoine Dupont who will make the decision of what he wishes to do,” explains Laurent Labit, one of the coaches of the French team . “We will respect his decision, but everything can be considered” for the moment, he continues.

In the meantime, the management of the French team will be made up of the two available scrum halves: Maxime Lucu, Antoine Dupont’s official understudy and Baptiste Couilloud, current number 3 in the hierarchy.

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