rules for our news contest

Take part in our online writing contest on the joys of everyday life, and tell us, in a diary way, your basic little pleasures!

Your news should be posted here, and you can also vote on this page!
Find the rules of the 2020 aufeminin news competition.
This competition offers non-professional French authors, who have never been published for an adult fiction work *, to write a short story based on an imposed theme. It is intended to bring out new writing talents and to promote literary creation.
1 – Principle of the competition
In March and April 2020, the competitors will have to follow the imposed theme: basic little pleasures.
The texts must include a maximum of 3000 signs (spaces included), and must necessarily fit into the set of themes.

2 – Obligation of participants
Participation is open to any adult physical person with access to an internet connection.
The following are excluded from participation:
– The members of the organizing society and their families, as well as the members of the societies receiving this literary prize and their families
– Authors who have already won a prize in previous editions of the aufeminin e-crire news contest or in the My Story Evening contest, both organized by aufeminin society

The authors declare that the texts proposed in the context of this competition have never been published in any form whatsoever, including digital. *
They must not harm any legal or physical person. They will not contain any racial, sexist or discriminatory character.
The undertake that their texts may in no case be the subject of legal or criminal proceedings, either by their content or by their subject.
* Self-publishing and self-publishing are allowed

3 – Dates
The competition is launched on March 25, 2020 in the space dedicated to the writing competition.
Authors have until 11.55 p.m. on April 25, 2020 to submit their full text (s) at once.
The closing of internet users' voting is set for May 05, 2020 at 11:55 p.m.

4 – Terms
Persons fulfilling the above conditions of participation must:
– Log on at the latest on April 25, 2020 at 11.55 p.m. to the space dedicated to the writing competition to submit their short story.
– Communicate their contact details (name, first name, email address).
– Any lack of information or any incorrect information from the participant will result in the nullity of their participation. Any form that is incomplete or has an anomaly (including incomplete contact details, incorrect email address, incomprehensible text) will be considered void.
– Each participant can compete by submitting several complete news on the competition platform.
– Once posted, it will not be possible to modify a text or send it again in another form. Only the first shipment will be taken into account.
– The text of a short story must be affixed directly in the insert provided for this purpose.
– After sending the news, an email will be sent to the participant, in which he / she will have to confirm their participation.
– Before being definitively validated, a new one will be submitted to the proofreading of a moderator within 7 to 10 days.
– Each piece of news will be reread and verified to establish whether the theme "Little fundamental happiness" is respected.
– Each news will be subject to verification with regard to the number of characters, limited to the number of 3000 (spaces included).
– Each news item can be modified by the moderator if the spelling and / or grammar were not suitable.

5 – Jury
A pre-selection of 10 new finalists will be made through internet votes.
It is possible to vote as many times as desired, on one or more news.
The data collected by Aufeminin will prevail.

This preselection of 10 texts will be submitted to the vote of a jury made up of the Editing of Aufeminin and a renowned personality in its field, chosen by the latter.
This jury will meet after the votes and will choose the three winners from the 10 finalist texts, assigning them the 3rd prize, the 2nd prize and the 1st prize.
In the event of a tie, the final choice rests with the members of the jury.
The list of award-winning authors will be published on the aufeminin site.
The prices will be:

  • First prize: Marmiton Mag subscription and 150 euros of Librest gift voucher;
  • Second prize: 150 euros of Librest gift voucher;
  • Third prize: 100 euros of Librest gift voucher.

6 – Publication
After validation in the email sent to participants, the texts of all participants will be published on the aufeminin site throughout the duration of the competition, from March 25, 2020 to May 05, 2020.
By participating in the writing contest, the authors authorize Aufeminin to put the news online and guarantee to Aufeminin that the news does not violate any third party rights (personality law, copyright or neighboring rights , …) and undertakes to fully indemnify Aufeminin in the event of recourse by a third party.