rules, schedules, house, game… Everything that changes from previous seasons

It’s the big return of Secret Story on TF1 to the delight of fans. Here is all the information for this new season.

From the first season of Secret Story which had started in June 2007 on TF1, the show was a real hit. After Loft Story broadcast in 2001 and 2002 on M6, viewers were particularly attached to this new concept. Indeed, in this program, the candidates are locked in a villa, “the house of secrets”, completely cut off from the outside world. They all have a secret and their mission is to unmask those of others before theirs is discovered. They are filmed almost 24 hours a day thanks to cameras in every room and must listen to “The Voice” which regularly gives them missions.

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It was Benjamin Castaldi who presented this successful program when it was broadcast on TF1, until 2014. With less audience, the show switched to NT1 in 2015 and was then presented by Christophe Beaugrand. But the enthusiasm for the program gradually ran out of steam and it ended at the end of season 11 on December 7, 2017. But, “come-back” shows are popular, as we have observed with the return of Star Academy. And, in this sense, TF1 has chosen to broadcast a brand new season of Secret Story in 2024… A season 12 eagerly awaited by nostalgic fans.

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Secret Story 2024 broadcast days and times

On April 2, 2024, TF1 made a big announcement: the channel revealed the start date of the program. The first bonus of Secret Story season 12 will take place Tuesday April 23 from 11:30 p.m.. “Here the voice, the voice is back and it hasn’t changed, but it comes back with lots of surprises, so don’t forget, be wary of appearances”, then added the channel in a short video.

At the presentation we will find Christophe Beaugrand who hosted the last three shows. The following bonuses will then be broadcast every Friday at 5:30 p.m. We will therefore know the name of the person leaving at 6:30 p.m. It will be followed by an after party exclusively on TF1+ where we will find Christohe Beaugrand accompanied on the outgoing. A daily will also be broadcast from Monday to Saturday at 5:30 p.m. For the biggest fans, a live stream will be available on TF1 + every day at the end of the morning, except on Sunday for two hours and then in the evening for two hours as well.

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The big changes of Secret Story 2024

This year, the production has one watchword: the game. Indeed, this season will be less focused on reality TV and more on the game. “The idea is to offer a large family and good-natured strategy game”, explained the production during the press conference. The aim is to welcome a wider audience. Thus, the weeks will be structured around a lot of games for the candidates but also for the viewers.

Another big change: the TV set will be glued to the house of secrets! The eliminated candidates will leave the house and arrive directly on the set just through an airlock. At the time, we had that impression but it wasn’t real, the candidates got out of the game a little and were able to chat with people on their way. The house will be located in Poissy and it will be the largest house of secrets ever made. It will be 1000 square meters counting the house and the garden with a large swimming pool in the shape of a sink and 73 cameras will be installed there. The best ? A 200m2 games room will be attached to the villa.

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The schedule for the new season of Secret Story annoys Internet users

If Internet users were delighted to learn of the return very soon of their old favorite program, one thing particularly disappointed them: the day and time of broadcast of the first prime. Indeed under the TF1 post, we could read comments such as: “A sorry Tuesday? 11:30 p.m. why not 2 a.m.”, “Not on Tuesday and especially at 11:30 p.m. please” or “Is this a late April Fool’s joke?”

But Internet users can rest assured, this schedule is only for the launch bonus! And if it’s too late for some, it still exists replay available for free for a few days… So, are you looking forward to watching this program and discovering the candidates?


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