Rumbleverse: Already the end for Epic Games’ battle royale?

Rumbleverse released on PC and consoles in August 2022, with some anticipation from the community, for several reasons. Already, the title is published by Epic Games, which knows enough about it, to be at the head of Fortnite. Rumbleverse therefore benefited from a nice highlight on the store, in addition to offering original and friendly gameplay at first glance, where no firearm was available, only fists, or almost, counted.

Unfortunately, the title did not have such positive feedback as expected, although in the first days many users tried the experience. But very quickly, the players no longer necessarily responded, despite a rather interesting experience on paper. The competition in this area is however quite tough, which explains part of this “non-success”, in addition to matchmaking concerns. This will, perhaps, lead to the shutdown of the servers, from the end of this month of February 2023, as mentioned by Tom Henderson, a fairly reliable insider in what he says.

The information is however to be taken with tweezers, since a few months ago the Switch version was reviewed in Taiwan, which at the time suggested a port to Nintendo’s console, which has still not been made official. It seems unlikely that servers will shut down as Rumbleverse prepares to arrive on a new platform, unless that version has ultimately been cancelled. An official response should be given soon enough from the developers.

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