Rumbleverse: Season 1 is launched, discover the battle pass

Available for 1 week now in pre-season so that players can get their hands on its atypical gameplay, Rumbleverse has just officially launched its very first seasonand free-to-playforces, sound first battle pass and its microtransactions galore.

After a chaotic launch due to daily server or matchmaking outages, the game from Iron Galaxy Studios aims to become a new benchmark in the Battle Royale genre. Let’s find out what it has to offer us for its official launch.

Here the tickets

If you play Rumbleverseyou will now see that you have the option to buy the premium battle pass of the game for 1000 Brawlla Bills (BB), the in-game currency. You can go through the game store (which depends on the platform you are on) and buy for example 1100 BBs for €9.99.

Note that the battle pass will allow you to recover a total of 1200 BBs if you complete it in full, enough to reimburse you and buy the next battle pass which should take place in 81 days, i.e. next Tuesday, November 8 if all that does not change by then.

Also, know that you can very well play the game without buying the premium battle pass (which will therefore only be called battle pass), but know that you will only get a few rewards out of the 100 promised to full pass holders .

Finally, you can also opt to purchase the battle pass +which will ask you 2400 BBs to unlock its access as well as 20 levels straight awayin order to get a comfortable lead over your opponents regarding the levels and cosmetics obtained.

The operation is simple, at each level unlocked thanks to your ranks and your fame, you will obtain a reward which can be of several types:

  • Accessories: mustaches, haircuts, makeup, shirts, hats…
  • Title Cards: Customization items for your Grapital City ID Card
  • Emotes: express yourself with dance moves and gestures
  • Brawla Bills: currency to buy items in the shop
  • Boosters to gain fame faster

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