RUMOR about Titanfall Legends: a new solo game in the universe of Titanfall and Apex canceled

After a titanfall geared towards multiplayer, Respawn Entertainment surprised everyone with Titanfall 2, a game that certainly has an online experience, but also a remarkable single-player campaign. The studio then declined the universe with Apex Legendsa free-to-play reference unfortunately without too many Titans.

Fans of the license have long hoped for the studio to return to the main franchise, but the developers didn’t seem quite ready to take the plunge. However, it could be that they finally did it, in the shadows, without it succeeding… Jason Schreier from Bloombergone of the industry’s most knowledgeable video game journalists, reports thatElectronic Arts reportedly just canceled a project dubbed TFL or Titanfall Legendsa single-player game in the universe ofApex and titanfall.

Three sources explained to him that the project was led by Mohammad Alavi until his departure in early 2022. And for unclear reasons, Titanfall Legends would not have convinced the publisher since, and its creation would therefore have just been stopped. Even more disturbing, the team in charge would have been dismantled, and if the developers do not find a position internally, they would be laid off (with severance pay). Everything leads us to believe thatEA would not be ready to relaunch the project of a new titanfall anytime soon…

Respawn Entertainment due out this year Star Wars Jedi: Survivorrecently postponed, and which you can pre-order from €70.99 on

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