RUMOR about Tomb Raider: an adventure like no other in the land of Ashoka

From Shadow of the Tomb Raider in 2018, Lara Croft take a break, but it won’t last. Crystal Dynamics develops a new video game tomb Raider using the game engine Unreal Engine 5 and with the support ofAmazon Games, which will edit the title. Enough to intrigue fans, but this is more concrete information that has been revealed.

L’insider V Scooperrenowned for its leaks concerning films and series, has in fact shared details on the next adventures of Lara Croftenough to make fans salivate. The next game tomb Raider will be open world and would take place in Indiaafter a cataclysmic event revealed ruins and artifacts linked to Emperor Ashoka. Lara should in particular face the Society of Plunderersinspired by her discoveries but with a morality opposed to that of the English adventurer.

Coming back to the open world, Lara would have motorbikes, parachutes and parkour skills to move around this vast environmentTHE gameplay would also highlight the possibility of infiltrating without fighting and eliminating enemies in a non-lethal manner. Finally, it would be possible to recruit allies to benefit from their help during missions.

In 2022, Crystal Dynamics claimed that development was only just beginningwe will therefore have to wait a while before finding out if this information is correct. Lara Croft as a reminder was entitled to a remastered compilation of his first adventures, you can find Tomb Raider I-III Remastered from €26.09 on And Gamesplanet.

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