RUMOR Meta Quest 3: The amount of RAM revealed by two leaks that contradict each other

Three days from the Meta Connect, here is that a leak would reveal the quantity of RAM of Meta’s next virtual reality headset: the Quest 3. In case you are unfamiliar with the RAM and its influence on the performance of the machine, don’t worry, no detail will be spared.

Meta Quest 3

A user of the famous social network Reddit, JMS1717claims to have an official technical sheet, intended to inform retailers of the future helmet of Meta. If most of the information is known, we did not know the total capacity of the RAM (RAM) of said device, it is now done (or almost).

Meta Quest 3 technical sheet Reddit

Meta has continued to increase the RAM of its headsets over the generations. L’Oculus Quest 1 held 4 GB, the Meta Quest 2 6 GB and the third seems, according to the document, to obtain its 8 GB of RAM. Surprise ! The information is contradicted by the online store Bestwarewhich evokes 12 GB of RAM for the 128 GB version, who to believe?

Meta Quest 3 Bestware 12 GB

We stated it in a previous article, Meta will have a lot to do to try to sell us its 256 or 512 GB model of its Meta Quest 3, estimated between 700-750 euros. But the firm could well surprise everyone, by offering a 128 GB model with 8 GB of RAM and a 256 (or 512) GB model with 12 GB of RAM. If this happened, there is no doubt that it would make the more expensive model of the two much more attractive. But before jumping into it or considering it, we still need to answer this question: what is the purpose of RAM ?

There RAM (Random Access Memory) is what allows our machines (all media combined), in collaboration with the processor, to launch our applications quickly. In fact, it is the mass storage device (hard disk, SSD, eMMC…) which will load the information from our game (or applications) to the RAMwhich is the only one able to communicate directly and quickly with the CPU (the processor). In other words, there RAM (neurons) stores information, CPU (the brain) execute them.

RAM Sample

The more there are RAMthe more information the system can store and at high speed. When the user loads more applications than can fit in the RAM, the system will have to draw MB or GB (virtual memory) directly from mass storage. Except that one SSDas fast as it is, is infinitely slower (much slower for a hard drive) than the torque RAM/CPUand the result is clear: it’s awesome!

There RAM allows information to be stored temporarily and at very high speed. The larger it is, the more information it will be able to store, and the less likely it will be to drag down the system.

8 GB or 12 GB RAM will greatly help in enjoying superior multitasking and gaming experience. One thing is sure, we will know more during the Meta Connect 2023 which will take place on September 27, from 7 p.m.. You will be able to follow the conference with us – from 6:30 p.m. – with Eric de Brocart, Matthew Dos Santos, Virtual Go, David Nogueira And March.

If you are interested in a Meta Quest 3 128 GBplease note that it is displayed only €549.99 on the FNAC website.

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