RUMOR on HTC: the Vive XR Elite is revealed through some stolen photos, a price and characteristics

Mid-November, the YouTuber SadlyItsBradley announced that HTC was preparing a VR headset for the year 2023. To better illustrate his point, he even presented a 3D model created by his friend Marcus Kane. It was only a month later that the Taiwanese manufacturer formalized this revelation by releasing visuals and some characteristics of the helmet to the information site. TheVerge. For the rest, we will have to wait for a conference on January 5, at CES 2023, to find out more. But now a new leak, captured on the official site, has just filtered and it is still the famous Youtuber who informs us.

As a reminder, to date we officially know that HTC’s VR headset will be one of the lightest on the market, will have a two-hour battery life, will be hybrid (standalone and PCVR) and will support controllers as well as hand tracking. It will also be equipped with four black and white cameras for tracking and an RGB camera for pass-through. The manufacturer also specified – to tackle Meta – that a depth sensor will be present and that it will be possible to read the screen of your smartphone (unlike the Meta Quest Pro). Finally, the helmet cameras will scan the room to identify your furniture, where Meta had to delimit them manually for the applications to take them into account.

Now here is what SadlyItsBradley dropped tonight via Twitter :

  • Headset Name: Vive XR Elite;
  • Price: $1400 (estimate around 1600 euros in France);
  • Resolution: 1920×1920 per eye up to 120 Hz;
  • Sound via the limbs of the strap, like the Meta Quest;
  • Diopter adjustment on the lenses (myopia correction);
  • PCVR: DP or USB Typed C (undetermined);
  • Battery integrated in the back;
  • Battery connection via cable allowing the switch to an external battery or even with a smartphone (supposition).


In short, here is a small leaked which, a few days before the official announcement, will already calm the expectations of many players who already found the Meta Quest Pro far too expensive. Looking at the features displayed, it looks promising on the definition side for the panel (3840×1920) but fairly standard for all the other revelations. What about lenses, processor, RAM, in short, everything that is important? We just have to wait for more leaks or the official conference on January 5 to find out more.

source site-121