RUMOR on Marvel’s Wolverine: a dream destination, but a long wait for Insomniac’s next game

Now that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is available and that it has been a great success in terms of sales for Sony Interactive Entertainmentthe players having completed it will gradually turn their attention to the next projectInsomniac GamesMarvel’s Wolverine. The game was also made official in September 2021 and we recently learned that it would be part of the same universe as the three adventures in New York of the Spider-Men. But the world is big and the story centered on this good old man Logan should take place far from the American metropolis according to the rumor of the day.

The information comes to us from scooper Daniel Richtmannwell known for his leaks quite reliable in the world of cinema and who posted some details on the gameInsomniac on his Patreon. Access is however paid, but InsiderGaming reported his words. So, the action would take place in Madripoorfictional island in the universe Marvel that the general public has already seen in the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier and which is located in Indonesia near Singapore. In the comics, Wolverine is called the One-eyed and helps combat local crime which thrives there due to its legal status. In short, it would be the ideal setting for a game with an adult tone that is darker and more violent. On the other hand, still according to Daniel Richtman, Marvel’s Wolverine would not be released before 2025 on PS5.

Until then, it would be no surprise that more content would be offered in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2sold for €69.99 on Amazon And at the house of Cdiscountor €79.99 to the Fnac with €10 offered on your loyalty account.

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