RUMOR on Mass Effect: an ultra-distant release for the next opus

This week took place on N7 Daya day when EA Games And BioWare celebrate the franchise Mass Effect, at rest for several years already. But a new opus has been in development for a whileit was made official in 2020 and was entitled to a good teaser hyping the next month.

This year, despite a clever treasure hunt, we did not have a short video showing a masked character, difficult to arouse the curiosity of players with that. But according to information from Jeff Grubbs and Tamoor Hussain, often well-informed journalists who discussed in a podcast of Giant Bomb, this video was only made to please fans and remind them that a new Mass Effect is in development. Because the game is not at all ready to be released. Jeff Grubbs states:

This game is very far from being released soon. I heard that when they released Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in 2018, it was similar in length. It was announced in 2018, and we won’t get the game until maybe next year. Now you count, and we are talking about 2029 for Mass Effect 5.

Tamoor Hussain confirms this information, and there is obviously reason to be disappointed. BioWare is currently completely focused on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, which will not arrive before April 2024 in the best case, but the developer has never given a release period for the moment, and even less a precise date. For the next Mass Effectyou will therefore have to be patient… which gives you plenty of time to do or redo Mass Effect: Legendary Editionavailable on Amazon, Cdiscount Or there Fnac.

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