RUMOR on the PS5 Pro: juicy new details on its technical specifications

It’s been over a year now since the rumor of a PlayStation 5 Pro was started by Tom Henderson on InsiderGaming for release at the end of 2024. After some details last July which mentioned this project Trinity, it was last month that many elements of the technical sheet for this future console were leaked. If you weren’t yet convinced of its existence, you are now Tom Warren’s turn to The Verge to add your grain of salt. The latter claims to have had access to the documentation of this PS5 Pro and in addition to confirming what had already been presented, he outbids with new information.

According to its sources, Sony Interactive Entertainment would already ask developers to make their games compatible with this future console, with the emphasis placed on ray tracing. Trinity would be described as a “high-end version of the PlayStation 5”, the current model of which would continue to be sold alongside this more powerful machine. The manufacturer would like the studios to offer a single “pack” of their productions supporting both the PS5 and the PS5 Pro, with the possibility of existing titles being patched to benefit from better performance. Nothing surprising, but if we believe the rumors from the corridors of the GDC 2024not many people see the point…

Concerning CPU, Trinity would therefore have a mode targeting a frequency of 3.85 GHz compared to 3.5 GHz normally, an increase of 10%, which developers could select. Standardly, it would therefore behave like a PS5, being able to run at a lower frequency if intensive operations are carried out, which are apparently rare, the power unused by the CPU being further sent towards the GPU. With this new mode, more power would go towards the CPU and the GPU would therefore be downclocked by around 1.5% or “lower performance of around 1%”.

A change in memory would also be on the agenda. Unlike the 448 GB/s of the PS5, this Pro model would have 576 GB/s, approximately 28% increase. Even better, since the system would be more efficient, the bandwidth gain would exceed this value by 28%. Developers would also have greater access to the console’s memory, going from 12.5 GB allocated for a PS5 game to 13.7 GB on PS5 Proor 1.2 GB additional.

This surplus could benefit the PSSR (PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution), the systemupscaling which would serve to improve the framerate and image quality, in particular by replacing current solutionsanti-aliasing. This solution would be quite similar to DLSS And FSRwith full HDR support, which requires 250 MB of additional memory. The latency for a 1080p image to go to 4K would be 2 ms and the firm would work to make this compatible with resolutions up to 8K. Yes, like what is currently displayed on the packaging… It must be admitted, not many people would use it and it would not make the games better.

If you want to get a PS5 Slim right now, it’s currently sold out €494.78 on Amazon.

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