Russell Crowe in Germany: That’s what he loves the most here

Russell Crowe in Germany
That’s what he loves the most here

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“Goodbye everyone. Bye!”: Russell Crowe, 59, has finished his trip to Germany. The movie star was out and about in the country for a few days with his girlfriend Britney Theriot. The ‘Gladiator’ actor shared the trip with his fans via X (formerly Twitter). He kept posting photos and letting his followers guess where he was right now. In conclusion the native New Zealander shared a picture with a sad face, his “leaving Germany face”.

Cologne songs in the brewery

Russell Crowe’s trip through Good Old Germany took him to Cologne, among other places. In the cathedral city, the superstar behaved no differently than other tourists. He drank a Kölsch and attended a concert by Björn Heuser, 41. The Cologne pub hosts a sing-along concert every Friday in the Brauhaus Gaffel am Dom. “Björn Heuser’s songs while drinking beer are a great thing”, wrote Crowe at X. “Sorry to state the obvious, I’m new to this corner.”

Selfie with the chapel in the Munich Hofbräuhaus

Of course, beer was also on the agenda in Munich. Crowe visited the famous Hofbräuhaus. according to “picture” he drank a beer and of course ate a roast pork. The band recognized the actor and played him a personal serenade. For this he took a selfie with the band.

Research for a new film in Nuremberg

For Russell Crowe, the vacation was also associated with research work. In Nuremberg, the mime visited the courtroom where the Nuremberg trials took place after the Second World War. In the upcoming film “Nuremberg” Crowe embodies Nazi Reich Marshal Hermann Goering, who was sentenced to death in the trials.

Russell Crowe liked that best in Germany

Towards the end of his trip, Russell Crowe revealed what he particularly liked about Germany. Of course, the first priority was the autobahn, which, unlike in most countries, has no speed limit. He also liked that we smile a lot and most people speak English. He praised the landscape of rolling hills and “architectural surprises”.

In pubs he was happy to discover that there were not only tourists like him, but also many locals. “I will definitely find the time to come back in the future, there is so much to discover here,” war Crowe’s conclusion on X.


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