Russia: Navalny is not allowed to vote

According to Russian law, legally convicted persons are excluded from elections, said the deputy chief of the penal system, Valery Boyarinev, according to the Interfax agency on Sunday. Only people in custody against whom there has not yet been a legally valid judgment are allowed to vote. “As far as I know, the verdict against Navalny is final,” said Boyarinev.

The 45-year-old opposition member had previously called on the people in Russia to protest against the Kremlin party, United Russia, from the prison camp east of Moscow. The vote is also seen as an important test of mood for President Vladimir Putin.

The parliamentary and regional elections should end on Sunday evening after three days across the country – most recently at 8:00 p.m. CEST in the Baltic Sea region of Kaliningrad (formerly northern East Prussia around Königsberg). 14 parties stood for the election of the new parliament. There have been numerous complaints about massive counterfeiting.

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