Russia: “Putin’s cook” claims to have founded the Wagner group

VS’is a statement that confirms years of suspicion. Yevgeny Prigojine, a businessman close to the Kremlin, admitted on Monday, September 26 to having founded the Wagner militia in 2014, considered the Kremlin’s shadow army. A paramilitary group set up to fight in Ukraine, and whose presence in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America has just been recognized.

In a post on the social networks of his company Concord, the person concerned said he founded the group in order to send competent fighters to the Ukrainian Donbass in 2014. “It was at that time, the 1er May 2014 that a group of patriots was born which took the name of Wagner Battalion Tactical Group”, he said in this press release.

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Moscow’s eternal denial

And now a confession […]these guys, heroes, defended the Syrian people, other peoples of Arab countries, the deprived Africans and Latin Americans, they became a pillar of our homeland”, he further affirmed.

The paramilitary group has been suspected for years of carrying out the Kremlin’s base works in the shadows in various theaters of operations, which Moscow has always denied.

It was then, on May 1, 2014, that a group of patriots was born, which took the name of the Wagner Battalion Tactical Group.Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin

Putin’s Cook

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Evguéni Prigojine was accused by many Western powers and Russian media of being the financier of Wagner, whose men have been seen in Syria, Libya, Ukraine and the Central African Republic in particular. He was once one of the suppliers to the Kremlin kitchens, which earned him the nickname “Putin’s cook”.

The Kremlin has always denied having links with paramilitary groups.

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