Russia should pay for damages: Ukraine demands reparations mechanism

Russia should pay for damages
Ukraine calls for mechanism for reparations

Ukraine estimates the material damage caused by the Russian war of aggression alone at 150 billion dollars. Justice Minister Maljuska is proposing a mechanism by which Russia should pay the costs. For this he hopes for the support of the G7.

With a view to the meeting of the G7 justice ministers in Berlin, the Ukrainian head of department Denys Maljuska has reiterated his country’s demand that Russia pay for the war damage. He relies on the support of the group of seven economically strong democracies. “Russia must pay the Ukrainian people for the damage they caused in this war,” Maljuska told Funke media group newspapers.

“Russia has to pay reparations, as we have seen in other regions in past wars.” Damage of 150 billion dollars is assumed, “which does not include the economic damage and does not include the costs for the injured and war victims and their families,” said the Ukrainian justice minister.

He called for a “compensation mechanism” in which Russian funds that are in European accounts and were frozen as part of the sanctions are to be transferred to Ukraine. “This would put pressure on the Russian elite in this war. And this would help Ukraine to rebuild the country after the Russian invasion,” Malyuska argued. “At the G7 summit, we urge countries to join this compensation and reparation mechanism and find financial and legal ways to enable this international fund with Russian money.”

At their meeting, the justice ministers of the G7 countries will deal with investigations into war crimes committed in Ukraine. Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann also invited a delegation from Ukraine to the consultations. The government in Kyiv advocates a special tribunal to prosecute Russian crimes in Ukraine. In addition to Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, the USA and Great Britain belong to the G7 association.

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