Russian company also affected: USA sanction North Korea’s missile tests

Russian company also affected
USA sanction North Korea’s missile tests

North Korea has been working on ballistic missile development for years. These tests violate UN Security Council resolutions. In the latest missile test, Pyongyang also claims to have tested a hypersonic technology. The US is therefore imposing sanctions.

In response to North Korea’s recent missile tests, the US is increasing pressure on the communist leadership in Pyongyang. The US Treasury Department decided to impose sanctions on five North Koreans accused of procuring goods for their country’s mass destruction and missile programs. The assets of people and their organizations in the USA or under the control of Americans are being blocked. In addition, the US wants to enforce new sanctions against North Korea at the level of the United Nations.

The United States would propose new UN sanctions because of the six ballistic missile tests North Korea had undertaken since September 2021, wrote the United States Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Twitter. She accused Pyongyang of violating UN Security Council resolutions with the rocket launches.

According to the ministry, the new US sanctions are aimed at a North Korean living in Russia who is said to have procured goods for North Korea’s Second Academy of Sciences, and four North Korean representatives from China-based branches of the academy. The academy has been on the US sanctions list since 2010 for supporting the country’s weapons programs. For years, North Korea has primarily been promoting the development of missiles that could be equipped with nuclear warheads.

The sanctions will freeze potential assets of those affected in the US, US citizens will be prohibited from any transactions with them. In addition, sanctions can be imposed on foreigners or foreign institutions who conduct transactions with those affected.

Sanctions are also directed against Russian citizens

In addition, according to the information, sanctions were imposed against another North Korean as well as against a Russian citizen and a Russian company. They said they had contributed to the transfer of weapons of mass destruction through North Korea.

North Korea last tested a missile a few days ago. According to their own statements, a hypersonic missile was tested. With such weapons, a hypersonic glider can launch from a ballistic missile. Hypersonic weapons are difficult to intercept because of their high speed.

However, the ambassador did not provide any information on the nature of the UN sanctions. According to US diplomatic circles, she wants to propose that high-ranking officials from the Treasury and State Department in Pyongyang be added to the UN sanctions list. For this, the proposal would have to be passed unanimously by the members of the UN Security Council. Most recently, the US was able to enforce sanctions against Pyongyang in the Security Council in 2017.

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