Russian correspondent dies: Deutsche Welle journalist wounded in Ukraine

Russian correspondent dies
Deutsche Welle journalist wounded in Ukraine

Cluster munitions also hit journalists in Ukraine. While a Deutsche Welle cameraman was injured by Russian artillery fire, a Ukrainian attack hit four Russian media employees, according to information from Moscow. One succumbs to his wounds.

According to official information from Moscow, a Russian military correspondent has died in the combat zone in southern Ukraine. According to the station in the Donbass region, a cameraman from Deutsche Welle (DW) was injured by shrapnel from Russian cluster munitions. A team from the German foreign broadcaster came under artillery fire while filming at a Ukrainian army training area near Druzhkivka. A Ukrainian soldier died and others were seriously injured.

The injured cameraman, Ievgen Shylko, is being treated in a Ukrainian hospital and his situation is stable, Deutsche Welle said. DW correspondent Mathias Bölinger reported: “We were filming target practice by the Ukrainian army when we suddenly heard several explosions. We lay down, more explosions followed, we saw that there were wounded. Later the Ukrainian army confirmed that we had been fired with cluster munitions.”

The Russian Defense Ministry reported four journalists injured “by cluster munitions fired by Ukrainian forces.” The correspondent of the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, Rostislav Zhuravlyov, died on the way to the field hospital from his wounds. The agency confirmed his death.

A photo correspondent of Ria Novosti and two employees of the Kremlin-affiliated daily “Isvestia” were also hit. The group is said to have come under fire in the Pyatychatky area south of Zaporizhia. The media representatives are now being taken to the Ukrainian city of Melitopol, which is controlled by Russian occupying forces.

The Ukrainian armed forces have reported the village of Pjatychatky as liberated as part of their counter-offensive, which has been going on since June. However, there is still fierce fighting in the room. Kiev troops have been trying for weeks here and at two other points in the Zaporizhia region to break through the heavily fortified Russian defense lines on the southern front.

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