Russian cosmonauts celebrate with separatist flag

When three Russians dressed in yellow and blue suits arrived on the International Space Station in March, it was hoped for a subtle show of solidarity with Ukraine. New photos, on the other hand, are dripping with Russian war propaganda.

Propaganda in space: the Russian cosmonauts Oleg Artemiev, Denis Matveyev and Sergei Korsakov with the flag of the self-proclaimed “Luhansk People’s Republic”.

Roscosmos / via Reuters

Nasa has made a rare condemnation of the Russian space agency – its key partner on the International Space Station. She condemned recent propaganda by Russian cosmonauts posing with separatist flags on the ISS. In a statement Thursday, it said it strongly condemned the use of the International Space Station for political purposes in support of the war against Ukraine, “as this is consistent with the station’s primary function among the 15 participating countries, which is to advance science and… development of technologies for peaceful purposes, is fundamentally incompatible».

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