Ruth Moschner: appeal against bodyshaming on Instagram

Ruth Moschner
Appeal against bodyshaming on Instagram

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Ruth Moschner is known for her strong opinion. On Instagram, she is now asking her community to distribute compliments instead of criticism.

It is enough. Ruth Moschner, 45, has had enough. The moderator addresses her followers in a long Instagram message. Under a picture that shows the “The Masked Singer” juror without make-up, she pleads for more charity and less hate on social media.

Ruth Moschner: Appeal against hatred

“No hate comments, I guess,” she wrote there. “Even if we now know that the so-called trolls lead a much poorer life than their supposed victims. Because no nice person would get the idea of ​​spreading hatred and bullying around. Nevertheless, I have the feeling that a compliment from the heart is not at all It’s that simple. On Instagram, the online platform on which I mainly show myself off and also comment on others, the focus on photos naturally makes it easy to move around on the outside. ” [sic]

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“Commentary, of course, not figuratively,” she explains. As soon as optics come into play, let’s get to outfit criticism, body shaming and sexualization. “By the way, I also mean the comments on the Internet that refer to these areas in praise. Because even if it is meant to elevate someone for his / her appearance with words, we all don’t know how they feel really feels and how the way there was. ” She says it can trigger people to be praised for losing weight because they never know if they were going through an illness. “Maybe for the first time someone didn’t think about avoiding catcalling, and then something comes to the ‘hot ass’. Maybe the last money was spent on the new jacket and the positive reactions someone throws into financial difficulties.”

She concludes her statement by asking her subscribers whether they would be willing to forego criticism and superficiality; In the comments there is a lot of virtual applause for the statements of the TV star and many want the same thing: more love, less hate.

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