Ruth Moschner: Sexist comments bounce off the moderator

Ruth Moschner already had to put up with some sexist comments on Instagram. However, the moderator knows how to deal with it.

Ruth Moschner (44, "Grill den Henssler") has not long been a user of the Instagram social media app. Nevertheless, the moderator had to put up with all kinds of sexist comments. In an interview with "Welt am Sonntag" (WamS) she explains how she deals with it.

As with Teflon, nothing sticks to it

"Sexism is everyday life for us women," reports the 44-year-old in an interview with the newspaper. "Do you think there is a single woman who has never heard a sexist comment?" Moschner, however, does not allow unpleasant remarks to get to them, as it is "more like Teflon", as she says. "It doesn't stick to me. I'll play it back."

That doesn't mean, however, that the jury member for this year's season of "The Masked Singer" just let such remarks sit on him. Instead, she is someone "who does not like to be a passive victim, but prefers to act" and uses her humorous streak to skillfully correct her followers. In some cases, Moschner even deliberately publishes news stories.

The native of Munich has also found her own way of dealing with sexist comments for herself. "I always imagine a little caveman who, when he is in his mid-30s, still lives with mum's basement and the only woman he was allowed to date is inflatable," explains the writer ("The chocolate diet: Finally slim with pleasure ") further.

Few people are happy about "Schniedel portraits and fuck texts"

For Ruth Moschner, it is crystal clear where to draw the line between harmless compliments and sexism. "We are in agreement about Schniedel portraits and fuck texts, the target group that is happy about them is certainly quite thin," she explains. The TV face, on the other hand, is happy about an invitation to coffee, "because it tells me that people could imagine being friends with me" – a "lovely compliment" for Moschner.