Ryan Reynolds: “I’ve always carried handkerchiefs with me since I was a father”

Ryan Reynolds
“Since I’ve been a father, I’ve always carried handkerchiefs with me”

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in December 2016 with their daughters James and Inez

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Ryan Reynolds grew up with three older brothers. It could be a bit rougher then. Today he is the rooster in the basket at home and thanks to his three daughters he is discovering completely new aspects of himself.

Ryan Reynolds, 44, loves to play the action hero. This could not least be due to the fact that the native Canadian grew up among boys. As the father of three girls, he may be spared a lot of fights.

Ryan Reynolds grew up with three brothers

“To be honest, I always wanted girls and I’m really happy that they didn’t turn out to be boys. I grew up with three older brothers myself and although my father was very strict, we literally destroyed our house,” reveals the 44 -Year-old in conversation with “t-online” and explains: “Nothing was safe from me. I did everything that my poor parents could only imagine.” The greater was his fear that as a father he would get all that back.

Ryan Reynolds overwhelmed with emotion

But his worries were unfounded. With his wife Blake Lively, 34, and daughters James, 6, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2, the actor seems to have calmed down and is apparently much more emotional, as he admits. “Since the birth of my children, I’ve been gripped by emotions all of a sudden, and especially so,” said Reynolds. “I’m always completely overwhelmed by them. I’ve always carried handkerchiefs with me since I’ve been a father.”

“I often forget that I am famous”

He and Lively have been in a relationship for ten years and are considered Hollywood’s dream couple. In 2010 they met while filming “Green Lantern”. They started dating a year later, and got married another year later. Her recipe for a happy marriage: “Every relationship has ups and downs. Getting through difficult times together makes us stronger as partners.”

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As a couple in show business they would have to work harder not to be separated for too long, but at home it seems to be like any normal family. “I often forget that I’m famous,” says Ryan Reynolds. “When I’m not filming, I’m mostly surrounded by my friends and family who don’t look at me or treat me differently just because I’m known. At home, I still have to do the dishes and take out the trash.”

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