Ryanair: unveils its 10-year growth plan in Ireland

( – Ryanair celebrated its 35th anniversary in Ireland today, an opportunity for the company to look back on three decades of presence in the country.
In a few figures, Ryanair in Ireland is 1.5 MdE invested each year, 26,000 jobs, 200 airlines, 7 airports and 20 million passengers transported per year. It is also a growth of 15% (compared to pre-Covid figures) in 2022.

Ryanair Chief Executive Eddie Wilson used the event primarily to outline growth plans for the next decade.

The company plans to invest more than 20 billion euros in new technology aircraft, with the order of 210 new B737 Gamechangers. The opening of a new 50 ME training center for pilots and cabin crew is also planned, in Santry (north suburb of Dublin).

Ryanair also plans to invest 8ME in an engineering center of excellence in Dublin and 10ME in a maintenance hangar creating more than 200 new jobs in County Clare.

Finally, the company anticipates a growth in traffic to/from Ireland of 50%, rising from 20 million to 30 million passengers per year by 2030 and intends to create more than 2,000 new jobs for pilots, cabin crew, engineers and IT developers in the country by 2030.

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