Saas-Fee VS – Helicopter crashes on a mountain airfield in Valais

On Saturday morning a helicopter was from Raron airfield in the direction of the mountain airfield Alphubel at 3782 meters above sea level. M started in Saas-Fee. It was badly damaged on landing. The 34-year-old helicopter pilot and three guests were on board. The occupants of the helicopter were not injured on landing.

One person was flown to the hospital in Visp VS for a medical check-up. However, she was able to leave the hospital again after a short time. It was a charter flight, the helicopter belongs to the Air Zermatt helicopter company.

The incident was reported to the Security Investigation Board (SUST), which has now initiated an investigation in collaboration with the Valais cantonal police, as stated in the media release from the Valais cantonal police.

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